Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fever

Okay, what's going on???

I'm having a surge of something-hormones or not?

It is too hot in Middle-town, GA for this time of year.

Haven't slept in three nights and the full-moon was last week!  Hot flashes, mind racing at night and plain worn-out during the day.

My mama called it "Spring Fever."  You know, you're not quite ready to "spring-forward" with the clock so your body lags behind.  Or is it my "behind" is lagging?  Either way,

My creative energy is at an all time low.  I went to the shop today to try to create a couple of vignettes for Easter.  It looked like the church Easter Egg Hunt.  You know, where you have so many kids and not enough grass, so you just go and randomly throw the egss out all over the place and let the kids have at it? (Now that was a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one.  Sorry! Just not gonna bother to correct it!)

Since I couldn't get any inspiration from the shop, I tried to bring the spirit of Spring into my home.  The birds are a special treasure passed on to me by my mom. They were my grandmother's.  I love to bird watch.  Just don't like them flying over my head.  My nephew has a pair of parakeets that he lets go once in awhile just to watch me run.  But waking up to the sound of birds singing is music to my ears.  The tree house, I found during the Peaches-to-Beaches hunt.  The books are some of my favorites-especially Garden Style

My mom was also a collector of pitchers and bowls.  I bought this one for her about 35 years ago.  The flower reminds me of Spring.  I do love yellow.

This is as far as I got with my creations at the shop.  Need another hunt to get me in the mood!

Just wondering...Is Spring Fever a good thing?  The verdict is still out for me:)

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