Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring and New Beginnings

Sunshine....ahhhh.....Spring has arrived. 

Another friend asked, "What does Spring mean to you?"

My answer, "New beginnings.  Pomise of sunshine and life after a long, barren winter."

I anticipate with eager expectation for what awaits.

I'm a definitely not a gardner.  I have only one dogwood tree that was damaged in a storm some 25 years ago and yet it still stands.  Though bent and somewhat deformed, it holds the beauty of fresh buds. Isn't that just like Spring?

I chose to bring a bit of springtime inside.

The dogwood holds the promise  that God makes beauty out of brokenness, brings joy after sorrow and peace after pain.

I love the promise that if God so cares for the little sparrow that falls to the ground, how much more  will He take care of me (and you).

I 'm loving my sister's shutters.  I move them from room to room.  My hubby never knows what will end up where.  White is alway springtime to me!  Ironstone, of course, is a must for any new creation-whatever the season!

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  1. How pretty your sprig of dogwood is. It is not the quantity but the quality, as they say..Happy Spring Day..Judy


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