Friday, March 16, 2012

A Spring Day at Cornerstone Treasures

Yesterday was a great day at Cornerstone Treasures.  Today was a good day at Cornerstone. 
What's the difference between a great day and a good day?
  I love to see people doing what I love to do-hunting for a bargain. 
I love to see happy people leave with a bargain.  I've been told by the other vendors that I price my junk so low that I make them look bad.  What can I say??? I do love to make people smile.  A small discount means a happy customer.  A happy customer makes for more happy customers.  And more happy customers mean more happy customers....

So, why was today just a good day and not a great day???
Because there were few people junking.
Where did everyone go?  To the lake?  To the ballgame?  To the beach?

So, I spent the time creating Spring displays.  Upon close inspection, I realize I need to add some height to this vignette.  I'll lift the potted spring flowers to be the focal point.  I love the wire cloche with the rooster on top, but it's a bit too tall for its placement.  Any ideas to make it better???

This old trunk just came in so I filled it with things that remind me of Spring, a hat and sunglasses, a pot filled with garden tools, a basket of clay pots for planting herbs, a vase for fresh flowers, a birdhouse, a wreath with bright florals, a picnic basket, a car to go in a boy's Easter basket, an urn with potted ivy...all reminders that Spring is here!

My sister and brother-in-law brought this piece in early morning.  It's an old, solid re-do.  It's cream with a walnut glaze.  I absolutely love it! I WANT IT!  I always do. 

I can't believe I'm parting with this piece-my very first shabby chic plant stand bought from my very favorite local vendor, The White Rabbit.  I bought an old shabby chic door to replace it.  Great thing about resale-out with the old, in with the new or is it re-newed?

So how did my day at Cornerstone end?  Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine here-in front of Cornerstone! 

Hope you'll join me tomorrow:) 


  1. Your shop looks great. I love that white plant stand, I wouldn't be able to part with it either...Judy

  2. I live in Sandersville, Georgia. A small Middle Georgia town. My shop is in the same county and my hometown, Tennille, Georgia. We're a speck on the map. Thanks, Laura and Judy for visiting. Hope you catch up with you both in blogland.


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