Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Doll and Baby Clothes

Maybe I'm just missing my grandbaby or maybe I'm just crazy about me a baby doll and baby clothes.

The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mommy.  While most girls my age were playing with barbies, I was still playing "baby dolls."  My mom made all our dolls' clothes so we could dress and undress them as many times as we wanted. 
When I had my first child, a girl, my mama always said that I acted like I was playing "dolls." 
I did!  My daughter had an entire wardrobe at birth.  I changed her two or three times a day whether she needed it or not.

I loved the "diaper shirts" as my mama called them.  I don't think they make those anymore.

  This was my grandmother's doll.  Her son brought it back to her from Germany after WWII.  She wanted my little girl to have it.  It is a real treasure.  I keep it at the shop for display only-NFS-NEVER!  She hand crocheted the sweater and a bonnet to match.  She made the dress and the pantiloons??? underneath.  Is that what you call them??? I wish I had made a picture of those!

On our Peaches-to-Beaches excursion, I found these adroable dresses.  The seller said they were her mother-in-laws.  How old does that make them???
Look at this sweet lace.
Hand-stitched and embroidery! Even the little pleats or "puckers" as my mama would call them-all done by hand.
Baby shoe planter.  I couldn't resist!

Another one, made in Japan, displayed with lace on a pretty plate.

Who could resist that sweet face???  She looks like the Gerber baby, don't you think?

Every little girl longs to be a mommy and every mommy still loves to play with dolls!  I guess that's what is so much fun about being a grandmother-we get to do it all over again:)


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