Monday, March 12, 2012

Ironstone and Roses

Oh, how I need some sunshine. 

It's a cloudy day, no rain.  Cloudy days and Mondays always get me down:(

But attitude is a choice so I choose to be happy.  Even if I have to fake it, the feelings will follow.

One of the first songs that my daughter sang when she was 6 years old was "Happiness is a Choice." 

It went like this:

Verse 1:
We have opportunities to be sad everyday.
When it seems like nothing in this world is working out our way.
That's when we have a choice to make,
We can pout and cry all day,
Or we can make a funny face:)
And laugh about it and say...

Oh I choose to happy, happy
Happiness is a choice.
Oh, I choose to be happy, happy
Happy as I can be.
Oh, I choose to be happy; I'm free.
I choose to be happy, so I can be me.

Don't remember the other verse, but just typing these words puts a smile on my face and I can hear that sweet little voice with perfect pitch sing this song.
On days when she was down, I'd start singing and she'd follow along.

Today is the first anniversary of my dad's death so I had to surround myself with things that make me smile, like the song...and ironstone and roses:)

I bought this great shoe shine box on my trip to Nashville.  I wanted to sell it.  My friend, Olive said, "Keep it!"  She showed me how she would photograph it.  I wish I had her talent.
Olive dried the roses.  She brought this to the shop and I had to have it-ironstone and roses, my favorites.

I got the Ironstone Platter for $1 this weekend on our Peaches to Beaches junk-hunt! 
A closer few of my $1!!!! Platter:)  Isn't it fabulous???
A different vignette.  I borrowed the shutters from my sister.  (I kept them!)  Added some burlap.  Voila!
I feel happy already:)


  1. The ironstone in the shoe shine box is perfect. Love the combination of primitive with white china. Gotta love that ironstone because it looks good everywhere! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Mary Alice

  2. What a perfect song to cheer your bittersweet heart today. I can imagine those positive, faith-filled words lightened your perspective as you battled the sadness of your loss with the joy of knowing your Dad is with the Lord. Such a complicated world - but thankfully, we can enjoy the simple things in life too, like ironstone and roses. I pray you feel God's arms around you tonight.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  3. I am so sorry about your daddy.

    I love burlap. I love dried flowers. I love Ironstone. I love old shutters. I love wooden totes. I love what you did!


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