Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Hunt for the Junk

Is the hunt better than the junk???

From Nasvhille to Georgia, I was on a hunt-a girl with a mission.  And my sweet hubby was just precious!  "We'll do whatever you want."

Our first stop...Gateway Antique Mall in Ringold, Georgia.  Advertised 400 plus dealers.  I was ready.

Just inside the store and got the call from my daughter in Nashville, "Well are ya'll?" 
"Just walked in the Antique Mall." 
 "Ringold, GA" 
"I think you better leave.  They've closed the schools here in Nashville and that never happens."  
 I argued, "It won't take me long to go through 400 booths." 
"Okay, okay. ugggh." 
I asked the clerk, "Are ya'll open on Sundays?" 
"Til 8:00"
"I'll see ya Sunday!"


Here we are in the hall of my daughter's home waiting out the storm.  There was no tornado where we were, but marble-like hail and surround-sound sirens! 
I would have been just as safe in the mall:)

The next day we celebrated our daughter's 30th and everyone joined us for the hunt-even our GRANDson, Connor! 

The next morning...A Little French Bristo-Christy's choice.  Everything was chippy, rusty, and crackled.  I couldn't get a clear shot of this scale, but it was fabulous! 

Our Table!

The hunt continues...Downtown Nashville, Eastside.  Artsy.  The homes were older gated homes-lots of wrought iron.  I loved the designs.

I'm not crazy about folk art, but the guy who lived here must have been.  He was kinda folky himself.  Maybe like this three headed dude with the funky hair-or are those snakes in the head???
My daughter kept reminding me, "This is East side."  Whatever that means.

A Vintage Dress Shop-my daughter sports a 70's dress.  I think I may have worn one like this in a wedding except pink:)  Come to think of it, it looks like my bridesmaids' dresses.  Does that mean I'm vintage?  No way!

This chippy, old buffet was adorable.  Love the little drawers at the bottom.  I don't know that I'd ever seen one like it.  I'd leave it just like it is!

Gotta love Nashville!  Can't take in the scene without a little music!  This was in one of the galleries.  I think I could do this with Mod Podge.  What do you guys think?

So, I did make one purchase on the East Side-a handmade shoe shine box!  Love it!!!  It was $15!  It will be a great display for something!  It is MASSIVE!
I did make it back to Gateway Antique Mall on Sunday and these are just a few of my finds.

Keep or Sell???  This is what happens when you buy what you like.  You don't make any money!  You keep it all. The chair will definitely stay! 

The Hunt for the Junk...To be continued...

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  1. Love it all! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Carla


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