Monday, March 6, 2017

I Have a Bipolar Cat

I'm as mad as a wet-setting hen,
as my mama used to say. 

I'm sitting here petting the cat and she (Her name is Callie.  Right now, she is "SHE.")
SHE grabs a piece of my arm
and clamps down, leaving a trail of blood. 

I have a bipolar cat! 
This happens often, sometimes more than twice a day. 
She has not been nice since the move. 
She is jealous of the grandchildren, the phone and the computer. 

I seriously don't like her!
We are both allergic and I want her gone!

Sorry, cat lovers, but I've had it. 

I honestly think, the sedation and move traumatized her.

My daughter's move traumatized their dog. 
He is now on Klonopin and Prozac. 
Insurance doesn't pay for!

Let me calm down and play nice. 
She's hiding under the bed. 

This morning I walked on the treadmill, had my quiet time, 
filed a claim for the second time for two $100 transactions
with Extreme Well and Pure You Shops for that fat-slimming
stuff that doesn't work.
For the second time, "A debit will show in your account in the next 2-5 business days,"
stated by Trey today and by Sheshaw (no, she didn't spell it) on 1/13/17.

Whew, it's a Monday.

Did a little crafting this weekend

with cloth that I got from The Nashville Flea Market.

I stripped and dyed some of the fabric with tea bags. 
Easy, peasy.

I tied the white strips to a line of twine.

I decided against the dyed strips and added burlap instead.

The little sign (that I also found at the flea market)
 wouldn't stay level so for now, it's on the ladder. 

I am feeling better and able to get my thoughts together. 
Maybe it's the sunshine. 
I gave up on Winter and snow. 
I'll take the sunshine and be grateful for today. 

I'm coming out of the funk. 
Maybe the cat will too. 


  1. Wow, the cat!! Hope your wound heals without issues :(.
    Glad you are's too cold here for me and I'm trying to get over this crazy cold that's not really a cold....but I still have zero energy. im ready for spring!!
    Take care and keep crafting!

  2. Bonnie, I feel the cat needs to be adopted's not happy and neither are you with it's actions. Yikes. I hate animal meds....I really wonder if that stuff works the opposite. :) Cute crafts. To me sunshine is like magic. I love how much better I feel on a sunny day. Come on spring time. :) It's a bit spring like on some days and winter on others here. Saturday we had both in one day...unreal. Blessings to you sweetie, hope you have a great week. xoxo, Susie

  3. Hi, when I moved my cat was on the porch and another cat came to the porch door and my cat went ballistic!!! I couldn't tame him down. He threw himself at the slider door over and over. I called the vet an she said throw something over him and get him down here. I still had boxes from the move so I got him cornered and took him in. The vet said he was (he was a himalayin) bred to protect the palace back in the day and she thought that was what was happening. She put him on valium and said basically good luck. By the time I got him home he was a bit crazy again and called the vet and she said well it will take time to get the dose right. I had small grands at the time and said no I wasn't having a mental cat on my hands with children in and out all the time and she said well I would recommend putting him to sleep because there is no way he wont be able to live off drugs. So that is what I did. What good is a drug induced cat??? Adopting out is giving your problem to someone else so I would not recommend that. That is my story of a deranged cat, I hope it helps. I loved this cat. I waited for years to have a hymalayan and it was not an easy decision. The grands came first. Hugs, LJ

  4. Well, I shouldn't laugh about the cat-but reading it is kind of funny. Poor cat- Poor you! It is just so hard to think about getting rid of a pet you love(d), isn't it?

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and maybe the winter funk has left for good!!

    Take good care and I hope you can get the refunds you are supposed to get. xo Diana

  5. I have to say that if a cat drew blood with me, they would be looking for another home. I hope she straightens out. Makes me nervous to think of the fact that I'll be moving mine 600 miles to TN. The burlap strips are so pretty. I love your decorating style.

  6. Our cat used to do that kind of thing too. He lives with Heather now and still is naughty. I agree - needs some Prozac or something!
    I love your garland and your clock - and the sign too!

  7. We have an OLD cat - - 18 years old - - - she howls whenever she is transitioning - - - to eating - - - to sleeping - - anything. The only reason she still lives is because my husband can't stand the thought of putting one down. She has for years done the same thing as yours - - but does not draw blood. She will want to be petted and then gives you love bites - - - which I reward with a slap. That cat is beyond spoiled - - - thanks to two other members of the family!

  8. I feel your conflict! Louis Dean and I are now critter free. Lucy (our dog) was adopted out because she was brain damaged and barked at Louis Dean and Louis Dean alone. That sentence doesn't sound as traumatic as it was. Our Maddie (cat) continued to pee on just about every fabric in the house - and camper! She now lives a happy life in the country at my step son's ranch!
    You have to do what you have to do!

  9. I am.Not.a.Cat.Person. No way. (grinning)---I hear you, sweet Bonnie...I hear you...smiles Sending you much love and hugs.

  10. Happy to hear you are leaving the funk behind, hope the cat does too:) LOVE that sign and cloth strip banner! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  11. So sorry that you had to shed blood....naughty cat. You little banner is sweet.

    Thank goodness our little Molly has had to make two moves since we retired and she adjusted so well. Lucky us!

  12. Our cat used to do that kind of thing too. He lives with Heather now and still is naughty.

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