Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doors, Shutters, Jars, and Baskets

What's my new facination with old doors and shutters?

Is it the natural patina that I find on each one?

Is it the look of one side...

...and a completely different look on the other?

Is it the way the different colors bleed through?.

Is it the natural beauty of the worn?

I, too, am as captivated by old jars-canning... 
or candy...

Remember getting up before dawn to pick peas or butterbeans?

Not exactly the kind of pickin' I prefer, huh?

Mama didn't can.  She enjoyed filling the freezer full.  I recall they were measured in bushels.  This basket is not a bushel, I don't believe.  Maybe it's a half-a-bushel.

I like it.  I thought about using it as a planter.  Would that work?

 I'll have to search your blogs, my friends for some ideas on what to do with these fine items!


  1. I too have an obsession with doors.... and windows! I have so many doors in my barn there could be a small door hoarding thang going on...... don't judge! :)

    I used one of those baskets too for flowers.... the bottom eventually fell out. Ya might want to put one of those pans for the bottom.....I didn't and ruined mine.

  2. Those french looking doors are pretty cool. As the previous commenter said I think that basket is too frail for planting. See ya Thursday:)

  3. Hi Bonnie: Beautiful doors. I'd love to find some like that..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Oh I love it. They look amazing all displayed together. I love the doors and the jars and basket are fabulous. How fun. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  5. I share the same love for old doors, shutters and window frames. You found some great ones!

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  7. i just love those doors! great finds!


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