Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sherman's Trail Yard Sale in Georgia

I just can't believe that I am missing the Trail.

I need to visit 200 plus sites, but I need even more to see my grandson and children. 

So I'll try to hit the high spots on the road to Tennessee, where my heart lives:)

Don't miss out on some of the best sales in the south! 

And nothing is better than good ole southern hospitality. 

A Dairy Lane burger and some sweet iced tea couldn't be better. Yes, I said Dairy "Lane" not Queen!  We have our very own best burger in the south, ice cream sundaes, and The Blast! 

Ya'll come now, ya hear?!?

Visit Tennille, Georgia and Cornerstone Treasures

Visit Dee at The Shed

Keith's Korner at The Shed is one of my favorite spots.

Enjoy the hometown feel of Cornerstone Treasures, "from our hearts to your home."  Many vendors will line the tracks including other local shops, Sharp Shoez, The Mouse House, and The Rusty Gate.

Don't forget Sandersville and The Country Buffet for some hometown good cooking-the best fried chicken in the south!

Finest in Antiques at  Halsey Dean's in Sandersville

I'm kinda glad Sherman marched through Washington County.  He still have the house that he slept in.  Don't miss the complete trail.  Check out locations on the web.


  1. Hi Bonnie: Wish I could get to that sale. Oh well, maybe someday along with some of those southern burgers..Enjoy the trip to the kids..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. Can't WAIT for Saturday - and I NEED the therapy! We are going to start in Hampton Ga and go south, or wherever the road leads us. Can't spend the night, because we need even more to be in our home church on Sunday morning, but looking forward to a fun day on Saturday~!


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