Thursday, August 29, 2013

LOST IN BLOGVILLE and Finds in Neverland

I seem to have lost touch 
with so many of my blogging buddies. 

I know that I use blogging 
as a way of expression 
and sometimes fail to comment
on others as I should.

I scrolled down my reading list 
and found that many of my friends 
are no longer
reading, writing, or redoing-
pickin', huntin' or junkin'.

I feel lost in blogland. 

Friends come and go
in the real world.
I guess that's no different 
in blogville.

We are just too busy.
What I need the most, 
I find I lack the most-
real community.

Sometimes we need to go 
where everybody knows our name, 
but sometimes we just want 
to go where nobody knows our name. 

I went to the nobody-knows-my-name place
and found these...

Okay, so this was AFTER 
Southern Honey Workshop
"Chawk" paint.

Sorry there is no BEFORE.

The back was out.
Against a wall 
and for $9, 
who cares!

Distressed it just enough for me!

This is a lovely little piece
with great bones, 
better than above,
it was finished with another paint.
Can't you tell the difference?

The white stool was another find
at the place
"Where Nobody Knows my Name."

Frames are a big seller in my corner.

It took an hour to get
to the place of the unknown.

I went alone.

It was raining and flooding.
We had 8 inches that night!

I made three wrong turns.
(Some roads do not exist 
in the GPS world.)

The auction barn was in a

Oh, what a night!

I'm glad there's ONE
who is always with me, 
who calls me by name.

With HIM, 
I am never alone
even when I am lost!

Thinking of YOU,


  1. Bonnie, Sometimes I have only time to read posts hoping I can get back to comment later. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not so much. We all find ourselves living in a busy world. Hugs!

  2. I hear you, Bonnie. Some of my favs in blogland no longer post-or visit. But, I guess that is part of the blogging journey- xoDiana


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