Thursday, August 15, 2013

Southern Honey Workshop Chalkpaint

Fall is in the air.

The temp here is in the upper 60's.

I DO LOVE, Love, love it!

My favorite time of year.

Know why?

I just don't do HOT!
it's a great time for pickin'.

College students are looking to 
furnish apartments.
And parents are headed 
to the bargain barn.

Just dropped by the Flea Market today
and my shelves were almost empty.

I got busy tonight with 
a little 
Southern Honey Workshop
Chalk paint

and a bottle of brushes.

My daughter who lives in Nashville
got me a can of "Nanny."

I just love the name and the color!
It goes on incredibly smooth.

Sorry, Annie Sloan, 
but you ain't got nothing on Southern Honey!



I know, I know.
You red-lovers liked it better before.

But you know me, 
white is my passion.

I'm selling these for my daughter.

I mixed and got all shades of white.

This is the new stack.

I like this one...

and this one...

and this one...

well, SHOOT, 
I Love them all!

Taking these to the booth on Saturday morning.
(I left a few red
for those of you who don't do white.)

The rest of the day will be spent 
with a can of
Southern Honey Workshop
chalk paint,
paintbrushes, and a few small pieces 
of furniture to fill my booth.



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  2. Ooh, I love all those white frames! Gorgeous :)

  3. this answered my questions about the CP.

    be blessed


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