Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All My Loves

Most of you know that I prefer white and pink
even for Valentine's Day.

I bought the banner at Hobby Lobby. 
It was my main purchase. 
I was going to make one similar to this, 
but found this for less than I can make one.

I didn't know that my Love was in the background.
Better watch what you photograph.
The mister could have been in his underware.
Seriously, you know how men are!

I used a few of my "loves" for decorating. 
Rachel Ashwell will always be my choice of style
even if I have only one Shabby Chic room in the house.
It's still my favorite!

White porcelain, ironstone or milkglass are my first loves. 

I decided to bring some milkglass out of the pink room.

Surround yourself with things that you LOVE
and you will always smile.

My Cutielove loved Callie.
I was so mad with my kitty for biting my cutie.  
My sweet girl cried and cried. 
Sorry but I spanked the cat and sent her out the door.
I love my kitty but not more than my babies.

My first born GRANDlove captured my heart first. 

Can you believe how much Babylove has grown?
Today she weighs 8 pounds.  

Lactation specialist says that she no longer has to be woken up
at night for feedings and to stop the bottle feedings. 
Yippee!  We're getting there and MY baby girl can get some rest.

These are my LOVES.

Please share yours.


  1. Hi! New to your blog, but glad I found it! Your treasures are lovely and so is your family! Have a wonderful week!


  2. So pretty! I love the banner and all the pretty milk glass. You have such a sweet family!

  3. Seems like there's a lot of love in your home! I enjoyed your pics! Bless you.

  4. we share a lot of things...I even have a cute man in the background!

  5. Pretties and Lovies! Such fun to see.

  6. Seriously, I need you to come here, giggling. I so need help decorating, more giggling. Thank you for the smiles sweet friend. Blessings

  7. Bonnie, love the banner. Oh my baby love comes before my kitty and with a new baby we hope he will adjust to an infant. He is more of a run and hide cat I must admit!

  8. Aw...sweet post! I had to laugh about the comment you made about your love's reflection in the mirror...my hubby has gotten caught in his "tighty-whities" before but not in a photograph...lol!

  9. I loved seeing all your loves! As usual, you've done a great job with the decorating!

  10. Love the milk glass and that banner. Is that sweetie laughing or crying. I thought she was laughing. That may have been before the bit. I would feel really bad if I was that bad kitty. Your daughter is beautiful. The little baby looks like she is stretching. Aren't those grands such a blessing.

  11. Wonderful to see all of your loves and to know that they are all getting on so well! xx

  12. Sweet banner! I adore all of your sweeties! That little one is getting bigger every day! Have a beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  13. I love to surround myself with things I love as well. I took a few things that were in my china cabinet and have set them around to enjoy them more. The Hobby Lobby banner is cute. I like shabby chic and I guess I would call my bedroom that. How precious Harper is! I'm sure mommy is very glad to be able to sleep more now!

  14. Part of life's blessings is surrounding us with things we love...your milk glass looks lovely. The best blessing is surrounding our lives with precious children and grandchildren..and for me the greats too. Nothing is more lovely or beautiful. Your babes are just too cute and precious,

  15. I love your love's, Bonnie! I just posted a few photos of my loves today! Family, kids and grands - So very precious and lovable!! Enjoy your loves! Blessings, Cindy

  16. Love, love love seeing that precious babe!!!!!! Blessings!!!!!!


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