Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer's End

It's past my bedtime, but I'm wide awake.  David is having a procedure tomorrow.  The kidney's were fine.  They are doing a cystoscopy and a scan tomorrow, looking at the bladder and the prostate.  We are believing for good results, but hope to get some answers about what is going on.  He's doing well.  His appetite has returned and his color is better, but we still have some concerns.  I've taken the morning off, of course, to be with him.  I may just take the day off.  I desperately need a break! I'm taking a long weekend off for Labor Day.

We have had 15 new admissions in the past couple of weeks.  I feel like I am meeting myself in the halls.  The active residents are jealous and demanding of my time.  Some of them are down-right rude to the new members.  Oh, God, as my mama prayed, keep me sweet in my old age.

Our babies are doing well.  Our newest granddaughter, Claire Grace is due any day.  We can't wait.

Connor started back to school.

 Mommy and baby needed to take it easy this summer,
so they enjoyed a great stay-cation.
They were busy going to the pool, the library, the zoo,
friend's houses, VBS all summer!
They had fun and hated to see it end.
Cora and I had a girl's day on Saturday
and Harper and I enjoyed the pool
on Sunday.  She had hoped that Cora
would come and she cried,
"I want to see my sister!"
They really do love like sisters.
I guess BonBon wasn't enough on this day.
I'll really be happy to see this summer end. 
The AC has been out on my hall at work.
I steal away in my office to get cool when I have a chance.
I'm signing off.
Hope to have a new internet service soon.


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  2. So good to see your sweet Grands! Looking forward to the arrival of the new baby. I'm praying for you and David right now....sending you a hug!
    Yay for a faster internet :))

  3. I am so happy to see you. I left a message on my blog; we have always lived (well, for 6 years now) in Western NY,lol--we haven't moved, smiles. Keeping you in prayer, Bonnie. smiles

  4. Saying prayers for your family. Love the pictures they are so precious! Enjoy the rest of your week.


  5. Praying all goes well for David and that you get some answers.
    I know what you mean about admissions. It's so much work! (And yes, bullying doesn't only happen in school)

  6. Hello sweet friend! You have definitely had a lot on your plate lately. I do hope and pray that David's tests gave good results/answers. And the anticipation of two new grandbabies has got to be so exciting! God is so good! Can't wait to see pics of those new little ones when they arrive! Sending love and hugs!

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