Saturday, April 13, 2013

Winter is Gone and Spring Has Come

First day it's felt like Spring-
not only seasonally, but in my spirit.

Underneath the dirt and darkness
is a Spring wanting to break through.

The winter has been long, cold, and dark.
And the sunshine is a breath of cool, fresh air.
 I feel that in my spirit today.

Remember the turquoise child's chair 
that I brought from a friend?

I think it makes the perfect plant stand.

Today was a spring cleaning day
and I almost got rid of the bucket.

Today, I just decided that the clutter needed to go!

I'm not only talking about the junk in 
the corner of every room and closet, 
but the junk in every little room, corner, and closet of my heart.

Bringing out a little touch of sunshine and flowers.

I feel my heart opening up a little bit.
As a small bud opens to the fresh sunshine,
I am believing that today is a 
new season in my life.

Finally got this little chest painted.
Hope to find some blue glass knobs.

Working on some cheap artwork
for the room
and still considering colors. 

Color-that's what Springtime feels like.

Today I feel color instead of darkness.

Thanks for hanging in there with 
me through this winter!



  1. What a beautiful, touching post, Bonnie. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  2. Hi Bonnie: Isn't it wonderful that Spring is finally on the way. Now is the time to lighten our loads and get to the softer side of life..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. Love the little chair. Hope you are well. Love you, O


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