Monday, June 10, 2013

Pink Depression Glass, Hobnail, and Mary Kay

There's always junk treasures 
under my shed  carport.

Someone asked me last week, 
"What do you do with all that 'stuff'?"

I laughed, 
"You mean all the junk?"

"Oh, I redo and sell."

I keep for weeks, with good
intentions to refinish and resell,
only to tire of the clutter 
and donate to Goodwill.

Today, much to my delight,
I found a treasure
sitting atop the "stuff."

Pink depression glass cake plate,
cream and sugar-
a gift from my sister-in-law.

She knows my love for pink
and she hunts for treasures too.

Hoping to give my Mary Kay
business a little push,
I am looking to Pinterest for ideas.

Hobnail is my favorite.
Pink and white will be
used for the delishes.

I have several of these pieces
that will be great for
cake pops!

Pink Lemonade served
from old bottles-

or maybe
soda pop bottled
to sip with drinking straws.

A summer lemonade stand?

And of course,
now I have a few new pieces.

The photo doesn't do my
pretty and pink

Much prettier when
pulled together
will all my other whites against
a pink wall and
reflected in an old mirror.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!



  1. It looks beautiful to me. I love all the pops o f pink and that depression glass is great. I know- people want to know- "What do you do with all that STUFF>? I always answer with a question...WHAT stuff? xo Diana

  2. I have loved hobnail glass for ages. You beautifully styled it with the pink.

  3. I love pink and white together. Your pink and white pieces are very pretty. I love hobnail too. It's so vintage and feminine. Your lemonade set up will be fun for a Mary Kay gathering for sure!

  4. Hello Bonnie my name is Wanda and I am your newest follower. What a pretty Blog!!

  5. Hi Bonnie. You have the most beautiful collections and you always display them so prettily. Bonnie, just a head's up to you. I got what looked like hacker spam from you the other day. I didn't open it because it wasn't looking like something that you would send. I was just reading another bloggers problem with it so guess it might be going around and thought you would like to know. I've gotten it before from friends and relatives but this was the first blogging one I got..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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