Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Bird

I recently read that we
should have something that 
we can look at daily 
to remind us of who we are.

God has been using the bird 
to teach me about 

I found this sweet, simple
pendant with the perfect

a family tree, 
a faux diamond, 
a bird..
all with special meaning.

Of course, my family is my greatest treasure on earth
and the most precious gift that God has given me.

Any girl knows that a diamond is forever.
I've been married to my childhood beau for 35 years.

And the bird....ahhh...the bird.

I told the story to Mr. H and he said, 
"Let me get it for you."

My husband is not the least bit sentimental, 
but he knows my heart.

Today I bought bedding for the junk room, 
and one special pillow...

yes, a bird.

I wear my necklace often.
I reach for the bird and hold it and remind myself,
"If God takes care of the little birds, 
will He not take care of you?"

One translation says, 
"And you are worth more than the birds."

Happy Sunday, 



  1. Well put Bonnie! I think you have a great reminder of the goodness of God. Your necklace and pillow are beautiful and this post tells it all. Blessings!


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