Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Front Porch and a Church Pew

My little home 
is the typical 1960's ranch house
with a concrete slab
as a front porch.

Remember the bench-
a pew from the church
my daddy started?

It looked like this...

ABC gum and all..

Yes, this could have been me:)

I came home one day to find a
beautiful wreath on top of my junk.

What a delight!
A gift from a friend:)
Yes, I was jumping up and down!

Burlap and cotton, 
as my SIL would say, screams
"Rustic Elegance."

The Bench

I purchased outdoor pillows from Ebay,
and painted an old piece of wood
from my sister's junk pile.

Will add a pot or two of flowers.

Not exactly the idea of a front porch, huh?

Maybe when we move to Nashville, 
I'll have my front porch with a swing.

Even a back porch would be good.

Oh, shoot, any old thing is Nashville would be great!

Missing my babies tonight, 


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  1. Adding a church pew on your porch? That's such a wonderful idea, Bonnie! It made your home look extraordinary and gave it a cozy feel. But I think it would look more beautiful if you added some arm rests and adorned it with a few embellishments.

    Earnestine @Covenant Furniture


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