Thursday, November 12, 2015

Slow Down!

We are house-hunting.
We are awaiting pre-approval. 
Realtors will not even show a house 
unless you have this in hand. 

Say a prayer, please. 

There has been few fall foliage this year. 

On my ride to look for houses I saw this.
It was truly a magnificent sight. 

Then I came upon this.

God often speaks to me in a word, 
a simple word.


On a back road to my daughter's, 
a road that is not supposed to be busy, but is!
I was rushing, huffing and puffing
and was on the edge of road-rage.

I felt God speak into my spirit, 
"Why are you hurrying?"

"You talking to me?"

"Why the rush?"


No Train Horn.

No warning???  No Train Horn???

"This is your warning, I said it first...slow."

When I hear the same message over and over on different days
written or spoken by different messengers, 
I get the idea that God is conveying the message. 

I often want to rush His will, rush His plan, 
yes, rush this house-business.

Like Sarah, I've often failed God just by trying to 
rush his plan.

I plunge ahead, creating my own event, 
my own Bible study group, 
my own business endeavor.

In an attempt to rush His will
I create my own miserable mess, 
I get ahead of Him and miss His plan.

Once again, I'm reminded to rest and not rush, 
slow down and not speed.




  1. I'm excited for you! But, how well I know that you.cannot.rush.God!! It took almost 3 years from first plan until moving into our house. I hope and pray that God's perfect will for you is way shorter that that :)
    God Bles you today, my friend!

  2. Wow - that sign is meant for me too. Thanks so much for sharing that message.
    Praying for your house hunt!

  3. OH guilty....thanks Bonnie...and yes, the Lord speaks in mysterious ways...especially when you least expect it...and yes, the Dept. Chair person can do that (talking about my school situation)---all is good, friend, all is good. HONEST. By the way, have you notice that If you take out a "o" in good and what does it spell? GOD. LOL---yeah, just hit

  4. I hear you, Bonnie. I think it is part and parcel of who we are in this modern day world. I stand by the microwave (THE MICROWAVE) and think- Hurry Up! lol This is a good reminder for a lot of us! Thanks-xo Diana

  5. Praying all goes well in the house hunting... Hugs Francine.

  6. Hi Bonnie this was a really good word. We all just need to slow down, and of course rest. I do believe God will find the perfect home for you. I do wish you a Happy Thanksgiving hi bonnie this was a really good word. We all just need to slow down, and of course rest. I do believe god will find the perfect home for you. I do wish you a happy thanksgiving count your blessings for you have many. Hugs Roxy

  7. Bonnie, I hope you can find the perfect house for you and your family. Make lists of what to look for. When you think it's the best house , get an inspection....well worth the couple hundred dollars to have one. Hugs to you sweet girl...xoxo,Susie

  8. Thanks for passing along His word to me "Slow". The right house will arrive at the right time.

  9. Oh yes...I have been there many times...and you are right about those messengers in different forms. I love it how God will use anything He can to get our....MY attention. A great post, my friend! I am here in TN and drove through your neck of the woods early this morning. Not sure if it will work out but would love to meet up with you...message me on fb if you think we could pull it off :)

  10. Praying for you guys in your search for a home.

  11. I will be praying Bonnie! I hope you find the perfect place to call home:) "Don't rush" is great advice for all of us! HUGS!

  12. I hope that you will enjoy the house hunting and that you will find the perfect new place for you! All very exciting! Take your time and enjoy the process! xx

  13. Yes, God does tell us and we often don't listen...I like to do my own thing too. I forget He has it all under control. Good luck with the house hunt!

  14. I'm a big fan of slow ... even in my driving I tend to prefer the slow lane, but sometimes life pushes you ahead. It's nice to find those subtle reminders to slow down.

  15. You're very wise - slow & steady.
    I hope everything unfolds in a timely, happy manner for you.

  16. So true...sometimes we just need to be still...hope the house hunting goes well!

  17. Boy! Did I need this!!! I run so far ahead of God so many times. I keep telling myself... When... When I finish remodeling... When I get the house all done... When I can relax....I need to slow down and listen to God more know...not when. I know God has the perfect house for you and your hubby. It can be frustrating... Enjoy the ride! Blessings.


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