Monday, November 2, 2015

Tin Buckets for the Kiddos

Thankful that our baby girl is coming home. 

I've resisted going over because I so want her to 
be well and crawling all over the place again. 

I definitely have bronchitis. 
The fever is gone so maybe tomorrow.

I was able to get her Halloween bucket to the hospital.
It had bubbles which were a great distraction for getting
the oxygen in her nose and the O2 monitor on her toe. 

I didn't see Cora and Connor.
Mommy and Daddy didn't want them to get sick,
so I stayed away.

It was fun decorating tin buckets from Michaels.
I personalized them with vinyl letters 
and took the easy way out and bought stickers
to suit their different personalities.

They were filled with lots of candy, of course. 

You can guess who got the TN orange bow.
Mommy will be happy!

I will be happy to see this little doll scooting around again. 

Staying in another day. 

Happy November, 



  1. Yeah, she's coming home!!
    You, my friend, get yourself well....your family will rejoice to have you fit as a fiddle again :)
    We were away on the Trick or Treat night....I didn't get to see the Grands either. I didn't even buy candy. Their parents said they got way too much anyway!

  2. So sorry to hear that you've been sick. I used to get bronchitis a lot (when I worked outside the home). I think I stayed so stressed that I caught everything! Hope you're getting the treatment you need to get feeling better soon. Unfortunately, you'll have a nagging cough for a while. Love the cute buckets you made for your grand kids.

  3. It's sad when we can't see our little fellows...but if we are sick they don't need to be near us. I got sick right after a baby shower and was warning the ones with they could keep an eye on them Get well quick BOnnie. xoxo,Susie

  4. I want to adopt you, are a great Bon Bon, my 18 yr old sure would love you to death (wink)--his grandmothers have nothing to do with us/him. smiles.--I am so glad Harper is feeling better...and I pray you get to feeling better...Blessings

  5. SO glad that Harper is coming home! Praying you are back on top of things soon too. I love your buckets!

  6. Hope you and Harper are both better. Take care.


  7. Bonnie, I didn't realize that Harper had been admitted! Oh my goodness! You guys have really been having a time of it...and you have been sick for a while it seems. Well, the buckets are just too cute and I'm sure that made someone feel better for sure! Take care of yourself and hope you ALL are feeling better soon!

  8. What a sweet heart. Praying that you're feeling like your silly/happy self again. XO

  9. Aaaaawh...your kids are super cute! I like the buckets your filled up for them. I feel bad but I didn't do anything for my kiddos this Halloween. I am so ready to skip fall.

    Thanks for the great idea - maybe next year I will be more thoughtful. =/

  10. Bonnie, I'm so glad your little doll is better and coming home and hope you will feel better soon..Buckets are so cute, I bet they loved them..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  11. So happy to hear that ALL of you are doing better! Cute buckets! I know they will enjoy digging around in them looking at all of the goodies:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. great news, so happy she is coming home.


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