Monday, November 9, 2015

The View of the Bath

Here's hoping you had a great weekend!

It was a beautiful weekend here in Nashville, 
cool mornings and evenings and nice sunny days. 

Today, it is rainy and cold.
Well, cold for a GA girl.

I completed a bath before my MIL came
that I didn't get around to sharing. 
Well, a bathROOM.
Certainly wouldn't share the "bath."

I took the easy, peasy way and 
bought the rosettes at Hobby Lobby.

I'm just much more into "less."
This is fluffy enough for me. 

I finally hung the "Amazing Grace" sign.
No, it's not centered.
The towel rack is in a weird place.

I really like the green and browns together, 
and I love my shower curtain.
The rod is arched.
Never had one of these, but 
there is less water on the floor after a shower.

I think you've seen this view before.

So have alot of other folks.

As I passed the apartment tonight,
blinds up and windows open, 
this is what I saw.
What a view!
Hope that's all was seen!

I have great news!
Hutch went to MD Anderson in Texas
last week for tests, scans and more tests.


It's a miracle!

His initial prognosis was not good, however
We believed God.

Our youth needed to see that God could do it! 
They prayed and believed.
They helped finish his home.
They fed him and took him to treatments.
And when the answer came, they wept and rejoiced.

He has one more surgery to remove the "dead" tumor
that the radiation and chemo killed 
(We know God did it) and a few more treatments. 

Celebrating With a Heart of Thanksgiving, 



  1. I love your bathroom. That shower curtain is gorgeous!
    Hooray for that news on Hutch!

  2. I'm more for less too. Too much fluff makes me unfocused!
    Thanking God for answered prayer!
    Bless you my friend!

  3. Great news on the cancer! The bathroom looks great, too!

  4. Greats news about Hutch....loveeeeeeeeeee the bathroom....and giggling over the "view" from the window. LOL---Have a beautiful week, friend.

  5. The green and brown combo is so nice and soothing....and that's how a bathroom should feel. Right?
    Such wonderful news regarding Hutch's health!!! AMEN!!

  6. What wonderful news for your friend! I am so very pleased. That really is a wonderful outcome isn't it! xx

  7. Bonnie, Cute bathroom. I like your simple wreath. That is just wonderful about Hutch not having cancer. God is good and prayer is so powerful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. What a cute wreath--and easy-peasy, too!
    Thank God that Hutch is cancer free! I do believe in the power of prayer. xo Diana

  9. Very sweet bathroom, love that wreath!!!! Blessings Francine.

  10. Such wonderful news about Hutch! Prayers answered :-) Adorable wreath and room is coming together nicely!



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