Sunday, January 10, 2016

Help With Template


I really want to do something different with my blog header. 
I've used the same format since I started and I want a change.

I can't ever remember what I did before anyway.
Again, must be the age-thing.

It will take more than a tutorial on YouTube for me.
This technicalogical-less mind is pitiful!

As you can see,
I have no idea what I am doing.

I got this.

I wanted this.

So, I'm going back to this.

This is one of my first ones,
but it doesn't show the entire frame.

I wanted to use this one this year, but I couldn't get the first frame to show the wreath.

Any suggestions on FREE blog temps that you have been 
successful with?

Thanks for your help.
Break it down for me.


  1. My first blog in 2007 (which is no more) I paid a friend who designed blog headers and she use several of my watercolor paintings. I loved it.....but life changes, ideas change. And I don't have an idea how to design one, so I just put a photo of mine and find some pretty wall paper to match.

    I think your's always looks so professional. I just don't want to pay again to have someone do it.

  2. I always love your headers, Bonnie. I've not found a template I really like. I make my headers on and my borders are from I just play around until I get what I like. On fotoflexer, they have collages you can make. I've also created a blank header through paint and then put that in fotoflexer and add to it what I want (photos, text etc) and then take it to for the border. That is what I did with my present header. Hope that helps.

  3. GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...(lol)---I use Pic Monkey, it is like fotoflexer. I really like the one before the last one, that is posted. It just takes time to get what you want...and as you know, I have many sites....but, I think I am done for now on changing out my blog.

    Have a beautiful Monday, friend. PS if you email me some pictures, I will play and see what can be done, if you want.

  4. Hi there!
    I use Pic is all in the sizing...
    I find a good width is 1100...then the height changes accordingly...
    Usually I go into "crop" first...then resize...make sense?
    Enjoy your week.....good luck!
    Linda :o)

  5. Not much help here! I always have trouble when trying to change my header, so I just leave it alone:) Hope you get it to work out! Sending HUGS your way this morning!

  6. I use picmonkey for such things, but I am afraid that I am no authority to give advice! Good luck and have fun with it! xx

  7. Simply Linda is the expert. I've used her advice many a time. When (if) I change things it will be poking around in the dark hoping it turns out OK as usual. I do know that PicMonkey is the best header maker around. And it's free.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)


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