Monday, January 11, 2016

Missing My Pink

While, I am not completely satisfied
with my Blog Header or format, 
I will be content. 

For now, it is acceptable.

Yikes, there's that word again, 
You may be right, Linda Conley.

I'm missing my pink from home.

No, this is NOT where I called home.
Don't I wish!
This house is one of the old homes from main street
in my home town.

Since my pink is stored away until we get a house,
I'm going to show you some photos via Pinterest.

This could be my play house.

I'd have to get a new chair since I sold mine when we moved.

I will have a pink door in my pink room this time.

A pink bench I'd prefer at the foot of my bed 
or maybe in front of a window.

A pink chippy stool as a table beside the bed will be perfect.

Any old chippy pink chest will do
since I sold that too. 

My phone was borrowed from a friend. 
I gave it back when we moved. 
I found one like this in a shop recently, 
$325 worth!

When we moved, each petal of my dried roses fell in crumbles.

It's time to move. 

I filed a complaint yesterday. 
It's not a matter of being content when you have 
residents above you who are in a foot race every evening, 
doing a flip to their home, yes, as in a re-do or a maybe a flipping gymnast, 
upending the contents until the contents of mine rattle, 
and sanding the wall? refinishing the floors? or who knows what???
All of which are forbidden.

It is clearly stated in our contract that we are not to 
wash clothes, run the dishwasher, move furniture, 
or create any noise pass 10:00 pm.

There you have it!


  1. You know, you and the whole family need move up here---can you imagine the kind of trouble one can get in? (giggling---gurllllllllll you know my favorite color is pink)---oh oh on the complaint. I am so glad our landlady doesn't have such rules. I asked her this morning was she bowling up there, lol. She is one active 78 yr old, let me tell you.

    Love what you posted...many Blessings to you.

  2. I'd file a complaint too! I hope you get the noise resolved. Not cool! I love pink in my bedroom along with lilac. Your blog format and header are very pretty. I went with blue for awhile too but I'm aching to put up some pink roses. So, we'll see.

  3. Oh yes, love pink too!!!! Always reminds me of a cottage...sweet chippy stool, love it.Blessings Francine.

  4. Bonnie, I like all the pink things...I have an old phone but it's was actually my own. I would hate to hear someone thumping and bumping all the time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. It sounds like 'pink' is what to need right now to chase away the 'blues'. Hoping you can get resolution regarding the upstairs (not so neighborly) neighbors! I love pink too!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  6. Oh what a sweet pink post:) Love that pink chair! We recently stayed in a hotel where there were noises above us, kept me awake! Hope you get it resolved! HUGS!

  7. Oh Bonnie....we are in the upstairs apartment. So far no complaints... our quiet time is 8 pm....but then I'm in a Senior Complex HaHa...How much noise can us old farts make....oh yes, that one of the noises that come up from time to time. HaHa. I try to be thoughtful and do not run the dishwasher at night. We have a community laundry room in the complex so that's not a problem.

    I love's such a comforting color and since I'm a girly girl....I love everything you posted.

  8. Hi, I'm visiting from Roses of Inspiration. Very pretty. I had to laugh about you creating your header and format, creating mine nearly killed me lol.

  9. Your pink post was delightful, Bonnie! I've always wanted a pink room.....maybe someday. It's such a happy color. It's so hard when we get neighbors who make loud noises; you can especially hear it when they're right above you. So sorry you're going through that.



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