Monday, April 18, 2016

Home on the Inside

I'm sneaking in here. 
Hiding my face.

I haven't forgotten you.
I promise.

Keeping babies adds a whole new demension to working.

But,really, who can resist those eyes???

"For this child we prayed."

She's a snuggly, loveable, sweetheart.

It's a joy to go to work every day.
She meets me at the door
with hugs and kisses.

And at the end of the day,
I am exhausted.

Between building a house
and all the stresses that go with it,
and tax time,
I'm mentally, physically, emotionally,
and financially,

I can't believe all the paper work and documents
and bank statements and credit reports and back tax reports
and insurance appraisals and house appraisals and
and, and, and.

Well, you understand.

At the end of the day,
all of these are meaningless, things,
that will pass away.

No, I'm RICH in the things that matter most!

This weekend my DIL and her best friends
had a little get-away
and we helped Daddy.

The kids were great and they helped Grandy.

Well, sorta.

Maybe I should say, they helped each other.

The Big Guy really did enjoy helping Grandy.
Little Miss Priss helped her brother.

I watched:)

I got a chance to vist the house last week.

The walls are up.
This is the front door and foyer.


Living Room.

I went this afternoon and I was so excited.

My Blue Door

The taxes are paid.

It looked on paper like we made money.
Guess where it went.
Three months with no job, insurance premiums
out the wazoo, 1/2 cut in salary
taxes to Uncle Sam, you get the picture.


In spite of all that, I'd gladly give it all up,
for those little ones.

There will be a few items from thrift stores
and redos and re-covers,
do-overs and shifting here and there,
but it will be home on the inside
with few purchases.

It will be HOME on the inside
where a family gathers and little ones
laugh, play, fight, bite, and kiss and make-up.
There will words spoken without thought,
misunderstandings, apologies
and reconciliation.

That's Life!

There will be good days and bad days.
Broke days and days with more than enough.

I pray God's presence fills every room
and that all who enter will be blessed
with His presence.

That's where it's home,
on the inside.



  1. We each just plug along as we can, blog between relationships and chores. I always love to read your updates, no matter how much time is between them. Spending time with the little ones is definitely a priority! It good to read your words! Blessings for the week ahead! Cindy xo

  2. I am so glad to see your update, Bonnie. Wait, is hubby not working???? I loveeeee the blue door. Smiles

  3. Love your blue door!
    And your babes. : )
    Always glad whenever you can pop in and share, my friend!!!

  4. Looks like the perfect way to spend the weekend:) I know that your life is full! Building a house is lots of work, but will be SO worth it in the end! Have a blessed day my friend, BIG HUGS!

  5. I certainly understand why God created women to be young when they bore children. Us older ladies just run out of energy too fast! What memories you are creating for yourself though! The house looks like it's coming together. I can't wait to see you moved in and photos of your decorating done!

  6. Again, I just love this post! Love all your posts :) taking care of little ones is exhausting, but the good kind of exhaustion.
    Love the progress of the house. So excited for you! I know it will be lovely when it's all finished because you have a great decorator.....YOU!

  7. Sounds like you are living life, Bonnie! Love that you are able to spend such good time with grandchildren! The house is going to be wonderful...I'm excited for you!

  8. What a whirlwind it must be in your world!! You are doing exactly what you need to be and I love this take the good with the bad because that's just the way life is! Your house is going to be SO beautiful and I am SO excited for you! Give us a couple of years, and hopefully we will be going through the "building the house blues...and we will be neighbors!

  9. Can the kids come over and wash our truck too please? *lol* I remember when work was a game because it was something new. Oh, to be a kid again ... The house is looking spiffy. Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Luv ~:)

  10. Busy, busy, busy! The house is looking good though!

  11. You get to start fresh! Sometimes I wish I could, but this is home, dings and all. The most difficult part is getting rid of the junk or clutter! We accumulate too much over a lifetime. I would rather accumulate grandkids!

  12. May your new home be filled with love and laughter and so much goodness, Bonnie. We were so blessed when we received this tremendous gift of a home just a year and a half ago. :)

    Enjoy the coming week.

    love, ~Sheri


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