Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Blogging Dilemma

I need to check in with my blogging buddies. I keep needing to apologize for my absence. Keeping this little munchkin has me working harder than I have worked since my "babies" were really babies.

Blogging is not easy via cell phone and my computer battery is dead and won't recharge. I have an old one. When I get home, I plop down and am too tired to sit at desk. This one finger texting is for real birds. Thus my blogging dilemma.

We are making great progress on the house. I'm done making all the selections and we are hoping the weather will continue to cooperate.

Lots of family time lately. Birthdays, ball games, family in Nashville, Top Nazarene Talent at Trevecca Nazarene University, and I'm beyond exhausted.

These photos were taken at Opry Mills while waiting for family to arrive.

They love each other so much.

Family and friends did arrive for TOP Talent where our youth compete in various categories against 11 SE regional districts.

My niece and great niece both took home 1st place trophies. Sarah (left) was 1st in Dramatic Monologue and Interpretative Worship and 2nd in Instrumental Strings. She plays the classical guitar. Her dance group placed 1st in Interpretative Worship.  Bailey (right) is super talented too. She plays all instruments and was on softball team and played the keyboard in Worship Band and placed 1st.  Our softball team won 1st and the soccer team won 2nd. 

That's him in the red shorts. He too plays several instruments but the sport teams keep you on the field. You can't do it all.

I don't know when I'll see the light of day but I'm enjoying life. Seeing family was good even though a moved chair caused me to bust my butt and sent me home on ice and heat. 

So there you go!

Teenagers worshipping together always stir my soul. That's really what this TNT thing is all about.

My precious little nephew has grown up on me.

And another generation will follow.


  1. Love your pictures of family time! The blogging dilemma, just blog when you can:) I will be here waiting to see what you are up to! We all have busy lives, don't we? Have a blessed and beautiful day dear BonBon, HUGS!

  2. Afternoon, I blog when I can or have something to say, otherwise I'm in a rut...... Sweet family pictures, enjoy my visits with you.Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh yes...TNT...a high point in the lives of our teens as well. I remember Adam being there when they had the tornado in downtown you remember that?? I am so glad you have enjoyed your family visits and totally understand about the blogging situation...sorry about that computer but YOUR NEW HOME IS GOING TO BE AMAZING! I hope your butt is feeling better. Just remember, ICE, ICE, BABY!! :)

  4. Don't worry about keeping up with the Jones' blogs. My typing is greatly curtailed anyway, so, it's all good.
    BTW, the house is looking super! Can't wait to see the finished product. Bet you're excited / nervous too. I know I was when we built ours.
    Love and blessings to you all. ~:)

  5. Bonnie, No matter how much you watch those little guys..they still manage to get into things and can really scare us at times. I know you must be running in circles at times. We will still be here when you have time to blog. Wising you some relaxing time. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. The house is looking so good! I can only imagine the tiredness - between kids and all that activity, I'm tired just reading!

  7. Wow, how on earth you do blogging on a phone is beyond me! that is some serious commitment. I read your blog dilemma title on the side of Wanda's blog so thought I'd see what that was about. If your computer was working, I'd perhaps suggest how to keep blogging for now but honestly, with how hard that must be, I think I'd wait until my computer was working again. One way you could find the time would be if you had an iPad you could bring with you to all these family sporting events and during change overs etc you could write up your post (in Word or what have you) and assemble your photos for adding to the blog when you are online and connected later.

    however, you likely don;t have an ipad and hardly would want to carry around a laptop (if you have that?) so for now, I would jsut wait until you do. If blogging brings enough satisfaction to you then the only other option that comes to mind, which I doubt you;d consider but would totally be my preference if it was me, is skip all these sporting events! You don't have to attend everything as an Aunt or Great Aunt and the kids will be fine. I'm sure the driving alone takes up tons of times. Families are stretched so thin with all these extra curricular activities. That then gives you time for even more important things like the worship stuff and maybe even your blogging! :) Well, like I said you wouldn't like it but that's my 2 cents worth! lol.

  8. Hi dear Bonnie. Your home is looking so pretty. I can only imagine how tired you must be. Just post when you have a chance and don't worry about keeping up with me. Praying the rest of your week goes smoothly. xoxo

  9. Blogging can be a hard thing when real life keeps us so busy. Family, church, and building a house are all important

  10. It does seem blogging can get in the way of living especially in outdoor weather. I keep up reading but have gotten lazy commenting. I enjoy keeping up with you

  11. You have been very busy. Just enjoy your family and getting your house done. Blogging will be here when you have more time.

  12. I know what you mean about busy and tired! Child care takes more energy now than it did when the little ones were my kids.....or maybe my forgetter is working really good :)
    Your house looks wonderful!
    I post from my phone all the time. It's always with me so I work on a blog post when I have a moment or two. It works for me :)
    God Bless you, my friend. Hope your weekend will be relaxing and your strength renewed!


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