Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baking Cookies With My Boy

If you follow me much, 
you know that I am no Susie Homemaker.

I like to move things around,
make rooms pretty,  
but keep me out of the kitchen.
I can mess up the easiest dish.

Even refrigerated chocolate chip cookies. 


1.  Open the package.
2. Cut the refrigerated

3.  Roll into little balls. Let Connor man think he's really making cookies.

4.  Shhhh.  Take a bite of cookie dough.

5.  Yes, you can have another one. 
Don't tell mommy, okay?
Our secret.  HeeHeeHee

6.  Bake (not done)
7.  Bake again (burnt)

Ok, ok. Now you know.

Baking sheet $0  
Refrigerated dough-$2
Time with my little man- Priceless!


  1. This was darling, Bonnie. Yes, I am grinning from ear-to-ear :) Time with your loved ones is priceless. Hugs to you!

  2. So cute. It's all about the fun.

  3. Oh...this looks like too much fun. Can I borrow that little one?

    Jane x

  4. Oh how fun - he will always remember making cookies with grandma - very special memories.

  5. Priceless..look how happy you both are. Blessings

  6. This is beautiful, my friend!
    So sweet!
    And those true!
    But the memories and smiles and fun?

  7. Sure is priceless and the cookie dough is pretty good too.

  8. Thank you for the recipe! LOL I use this recipe a lot. The time and memories of doing it with the little guy make them even sweeter!

  9. Sweet times, even with burnt cookies:) It's all about making memories, he will remember it when he makes cookies with his Grandchildren! Have a blessed day dear Bonnie, HUGS!

  10. Hello, I will say this if the smoke alarm did not go off they were just brown! So sweet!! Cookies and milk and little ones just go together! Blessings to you today! xo Roxy

  11. Great times for both you and your cute little guy.
    The outcome isn't really important - it's the process that's great.
    My Mom and I used to make Taffy together.
    Don't remember much about the taste but remember how much fun we had!!

  12. Oh well, as you say, time together was the most important bit of all really wasn't it!! xx

  13. So sweet, Bonnie. Time with grandchildren no matter what you are doing is definitely priceless. xo Laura

  14. Bonnie, I know exactly what you mean! I love playing with my Grandson, it is so much fun. I haven't baked with him yet, but maybe we should try some cookies!

  15. You, my friend, are a wonderful wonderful Bon Bon!

    Dianna xo

  16. I used to make cookies with my grandchildren. Now that they are grown up they remember making them and especially talk about our Christmas cookies we used to make. Making memories is so much fun.

  17. Hey, it's better to have burnt cookie dough that you didn't have to slave over for an hour though. I buy that kind of dough too. My 13 yr old LOVES choc chip cookies straight from the oven! I'm sure your grandson didn't mind that they were overcooked either.

  18. Going the refrigerated dough route works for me! Sweet post!

  19. Lol... Great post. I just baked some chocolate chip cookies, too, but I miss baking them with my daughters. They taste better when there's an extra set of hands helping, even if they are little hands... :)

  20. Oh my goodness ~ Don't you know that would make a darling Children's Book. Priceless, for sure.

  21. Too cute!!
    The memories to go along with the pictures are treasures indeed.
    Bless you today, Bonnie!


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