Sunday, January 18, 2015

Harper's Dreamland

Yeah, I'm still stuck in Babyland-
mentally, that is.
The nursery is now complete.
I thought I'd share Harper's dreamland.
Harper's daddy did an awesome job of getting the room ready in time for her arrival home.
The frames in the wall collage and the changing table
were painted with Southern Honey Chawk Paint.
A pencil art of the sea, a framed photo
of the fortune cookie that read, "It's a Girl,"
and a mirror reflecting the bed make up the collage.
The "H" was made by my daughter in law
and used at Christy's baby shower.
A photo of Harper will go in the other aqua frame.
This is my favorite wall because the shelves are lined with books.
When Harper's mom was just a tiny tot, I could read 20 books
at a time and she never wanted me to stop.
She was saying nursery rhymes by the time she was 18 months old.
The room's color and theme was actually inspired
by the wall hanging of the cranes.
The art is hand made and was purchased from a vendor at
the Nashville Flea Market.
Another framed print of her name hangs over the crib.
Aunt Tina had the rabbit made especially for Harper's room.
All these pretties, but guess who's the prettiest of them all.
 No, not you, Charlie. (He wanted to dress up too!)
I must say he IS cute, jealous yet protective.
He has a verocious growl when strangers come near.
He will probably be her best friend.
Thanks for visiting. 
Hope you'll return again soon.



  1. What a fun nursery. Looks perfect for a sweet baby girl.

  2. What a beautiful room for Harper to the colors!

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHH I want a room like that!!!! Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing and for the smiles. Blessings

  4. I love the colors. They will last longer than pinks . I like that things in the room are make to have meaning. Blessings to your sweet family. xoxo,Susie

  5. A wonderful nursery!! I wish that any of the rooms in my house looked like that!! xx

  6. So sweet and a happy place, wonderful nursery!

  7. Such a beautiful baby nursery, comfy cozy. What a sweetie pie as is Charlie, Blessings Francine.

  8. Oh my this was so nice to see the room! And what a cutie pie... Loved the way those books were on that wall rail!
    Blessings to you all!

  9. The picture of Harper is adorable, and so is her room! Her mommy inherited some decorating skills from Grandma Bon Bon!

  10. What a sweet nursery! I got to buy a few little things for my grandgirl due in April. I love babies!

  11. Harper is a Beauty! Her room is adorable. What's not to love?
    My youngest Granddoll is not quite 2 and I'm still hopelessly in "Babyland".
    Enjoy it!

  12. What a beautiful, peaceful room! Harper is just adorable. I can see that Charlie will be her protector.

  13. Baby Harper's room is perfect, AS IS SHE:) Love the wall with the books! I am going to share that with my Nephew's wife, due in April! Enjoy your day dear Bonnie, looks like it is going to be another gorgeous day! HUGS!

  14. A perfect room for a perfect little angel!!!


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