Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'm Playing With Dolls Again

All I ever dreamed of being was a mommy.
Well, as I got older, maybe I wanted to teach.
That too was just the child calling to me!

I played with dolls until I was 12. 
I didn't let my friends see me!
That would not have been cool.

I did the Barbie and Ken-thing after I was 12.

Thus, my love for dolls continues.

My friend bought two old trunks.
Guess what was in one?
Vintage baby clothes and blankets.


"...the cow jumped over the moon."

My daughter and son in law gave me an iron and ironing board 
cover for Christmas.  Yes, I asked for it! 
I washed and dried the pretties and then pressed them.
I soaked in Oxy Clean over night and washed two times
and some were still yellow.

A dress and matching slip that can be worn as a dress.

I knew the owner and she had boys.
I'm guessing the blue was for her boys.

Some of them were "Handmade in the Philippians."

The one with the pink bow is homemade and so adorable!

The buttons and button holes are so small.
I guess this worked for skinny, young mothers.
Me, I could hardly get the button in the hole.

When my Christy was almost 2, 
my granny gave her the doll that her son 
brought back from Germany after WWII. 
It's probably 75 years old.
She made the dress and the bloomers underneath.

My girls will be playing with their GREAT, GREAT Grandmother's doll.
Isn't that special?

Her eyes blink, she has a cloth body and rubber arms,
She cries when I squeeze them.
She feels like a real baby.

I decided that she needed a change of clothes
after 75 years. 

Don't we all count fingers and toes when our babies are born?
I like to kiss a baby's feet!
(Please pardon mine!)

Yes, fingers too!

Here are the newborn photos of my little blessings. 
I can play dolls again.

Waiting to do so.  Come on Feb 12!

Maybe we'll get to build a snowman!
Don't you just love the movie "FROZEN."


  1. Love your items and the doll is wonderful. I have been to Germany many times and I am so sorry I didn't buy a doll when I was 6 years old now I am 63. I love frozen I love when my granddaughters sing the song ten times a day.

  2. Bonnie, Kissing baby's feet is fun. They are just so darn sweet. I love that you have that old doll. My friend Diane at Lavender Dreamer plays with her dolls all the time. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. So very sweet, Bonnie...have fun with all of your little dolls!

  4. I love your dolls and clothes! Play all you want, it keeps you young!

  5. Your vintage baby clothes remind me of some my mother had and even some we wore as babies. I remember my mother ironing the little dresses while we napped so they always looked fresh. What a treasure for you to find. Your doll is wonderful, too!

  6. Oh how sweet!!!! I love dolls too, and I ooo and aww when we go to the antique mall. I use to collect Cabbage Patch kids, I have no idea what happened to them, sad to say. Great post, Loveeeeeeee it. Blessings

  7. I love playing with dolls too. Maybe I could come over and we could have a tea party. xo Laura

  8. So sweet! I found some of my mom and dad's baby things, so fragile! My new baby blessing is due in April...can't wait. \

  9. Beautiful doll baby and beautiful real babies. What's Feb. 12?

  10. I loved dolls. I had many. Mostly baby dolls...Barbies came along later...I played with my dolls until I was older. My girlfriend next door had a real play house with a kitchen and living room. We spent hours in that playhouse. What a beautiful antique doll and clothes. A treasure for sure.

  11. Your old doll is so beautiful, how lovely to have fun redressing her. l still have a number of Ken and Barbie dolls hahaha.....

  12. Oh how sweet, Bonnie! Your doll is simply darling :) Hugs to you!

  13. Dear Bonnie, what a lovely post and the doll is so pretty. The sweet clothes are such a pretty collection. I too loved my dolls and did so till about 11 or 12 too. My best friend and I had Patty Playpals as we got older and then we had our Barbies. Your antique doll looks a bit like my tiny tears from years ago. I wish I still had that one.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

  14. How wonderful!! The doll is beautiful, I love the little dimples at the ends of the fingers and toes, how cute!! I am sure that your grandchildren will love playing with this family heirloom and treasuring it in the future too. xx


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