Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hometown Airstrip with the Boys

I counted a total of 4 weeks in December and January 
that I was able to spend with my children. 
I think that's the most we've been together since 
my nest became empty in 2003.

In my small town, we have a very small airstrip.
Connor is a Dusty fan so he's all about planes. 

I can't begin to tell you what joy it was
 to see the awe on his little face.

No one was standing by for take off so
we took the liberty to walk around.

This was his first look into a real plane.

He wanted to get in so badly.

He called this one, "Dusty."

It was freezing and raining so it wasn't long
before we headed back inside.

I just love this picture, Connor holding hands with his Grandy.
Three boys together, a Kodak moment!

Inside he found a book of Dustys.

Of course, Grandy had lots of stories to tell 
about where his daddy grew up.

I opened the door to his house last week 
and the first thing he asked was, 
"Where's Grandy? Can we see the planes?"

Grandy enjoyed his first little girl while they were home.
Now, he's ready to hold his newest little girl.
She was in the NICU the last time he saw her.
I asked him when he was ready to go.
He said, "Now!"

This is our most recent picture.
I can't believe how much she's changed.

Happy Thursday!

I think I heard the prediction of snow in tomorrow's forecast.


  1. Love phamily photos! The baby is growing so quickly. I love the Duty stories too! Perhaps you have a pilot in your phamily?! Stay warm!

  2. I love the Dusty stories even if my spelling stinks today! LOL!

  3. Fly like an eagle is what I saw on his sweet little face! There is something so profound with being high in the sky! Your sweet little girl is growing! Have a great weekend!
    Yours, Roxy

  4. Awww...I sure remember those days, Liam loved going to the airportyou might want to check on a tv show called Jay Jay it is on PBS I believe...thanks for the smiles... I sure loved seeing your hubby and son with your sons son. BEAUTIFUL my friend. Blessings

  5. Those little grands sure are a source of enjoyment for us aren't they? So much fun seeing them get excited about something. I hope you will continue getting to spend time with them.

  6. Our Andy loved planes of any sort. He ended up working on them in the army and now has a job working on them. (Apache helicoptors)
    Love those precious pics!

  7. I love the look on your grandson's face. That sweet baby is so bright eyed. I do lie ths picture of them holding hands.

  8. I love the look on your grandson's face. That sweet baby is so bright eyed. I do lie ths picture of them holding hands.

  9. You are so blessed. Thanks for sharing these precious photos.

  10. WHAT a beautiful post!!!! I love the one of them holding hands!!!
    Such a sweet family!

  11. What a precious the picture of Connor holding his granddad's hand! Harper is so beautiful! She is really growing. Hugs to you, sweet friend.

  12. Such joy with your grands! Baby is so cute! The looks of Connor are priceless! Love the Kodak moment!

  13. Harper is just gorgeous! What beautiful eyes. Looks like "the boys' really enjoyed their day with planes. Have a blessed weekend.

  14. Aw, your grandson is adorable. I think it's so cute to see the picture of three generations together!

  15. What wonderful moments, I am glad that you got to spend so much time together!! xx

  16. What a sweet little fella holding hands with his Grandy:) That for sure was a Kodak moment! Enjoy your day dear friend and head North to hold that sweet baby! HUGS!


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