Friday, June 12, 2015

Busy with the Babies

It's been a busy week. 
I've had lots of special one on one time 
with my Harper. I kept her Monday and Tuesday.
Her daddy was out of town and her mommy needed me!
Rather, I told her her mommy that she needed me:)

Her smile brightens my day.
She's teething!  Yikes! 
Looks like this may be a while.

She's a snuggler and lets me cuddle with her. 
Sweet loving.

Her mommy and daddy haven't wanted to get her hooked on TV.
Well, BonBon introduced her to Disney.
As you can see, she is spellbound.

These two love Disney and are making a trip in September.
Pool time and picture time for these angels. 
Connor-man looks 5 instead of 3!
Cora-bug has lost that baby look.  
They enjoyed the pool so much
but I enjoyed it more with them.
I helped bathe them and put them to bed.

Can you believe?
He talks non-stop and repeats EVERYTHING you say
which means Bon-Bon and Grandy have had to 
illiminate certain not-so-nice words. 
Words like "Crap!"
Just a bad habit.
"A little child shall lead them."

Is she not a doll-baby?

I'm loving being this close.  

Nerium is slow, but I have parties planned for July.
The big wheels in Nerium are cruising so waiting 
for my National Marketing Director to get finished partying. 
I could hold the parties, but she wants to do the Nasvhille scene
and invite some more directors for a Market Party. 
Believe it or not, Nasvhille is not flooded with Nerium!

I'm looking for business partners. 
It's easier than ever to start a small business
and goodness knows in this economy we 
need all the help we can get!

We have some great incentives right now. 

Become a preferred customer and receive a free hand cream!
This is a limited time only offer through July.
Available only to new customers!
Even I can't get it!

I've been busier with the babies 
than I have with the business.
That's the good thing about Nerium-
build a team and make money while you play!

We still have to get the car from home. 
My sister and brother in law will meet me half way 
or we'll make a trip home. 

Have a Happy Weekend! 
I will!

From Music City USA, 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. 
I have been using Nerium FIRM Body Contouring Cream
(this is not me)
on my 195 pound body for 10 days and I can now
button my bottoms.
Real People 
Real Results!


  1. Oh what cuties! I love spending time with the grandbabies and I know you do too! Amazing results from the cream, awesome! Enjoy your weekend dear friends, HUGS!

  2. Well, you know I am keeping up with you but it has just got to be blessing you tremendously to be spending time with these adorable babies! And just so you know, I say crap every now and then too...OK...more than every now and then :(

  3. You sound so happy! God is good.
    We called our little girl (who is now in her 50's) Donna Bug. Still do some times.

  4. Happy Happy, so sweet!!!!! Glad the cream works, wonderful.Blessings Francine.

  5. So glad that you have been enjoying the benefits of having fun family time so close by! xx

  6. The babies are adorable! So thrilled for you to be near them.
    Bless you this week end!

  7. Bonnie, Your grandkids are darling, and the pictures are really sweet. I especially like the one in the bassinet.


  8. Bonnie! Those grandbabies are adorable! Harper is growing and Connor looks so much like his Daddy. :)

  9. OHHH Bad Bon Bon for the TV (giggling). What cuties and I am so glad to see you happy. Blessings

  10. The 'babies' are adorable. Glad you were able to enjoy time with them. I know what you mean about eliminating bad grandson lets me know if I say something not so nice.


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