Monday, June 29, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mama used to say, "Buckle your seatbelts," when she had a long story to tell us.
She was quite a story teller.
So hold on and buckle up.

I ventured out today and found a new place to dig and plunder.  
Upon entering I was hit with a foul odor that almost turned me around.
It was a mix between a nasty trash dump and mold and mildew.

Some say it was under water during the Nasvhille 2010 flood.
Hey, but the thrill of the hunt will pull us junkers into some very strange and scary places.

I went to search for a couple of car seats. This place is like a salvage store 
that gets all the damaged boxes of merchandise from other retail stores. 

I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find this. 

The regular retail price was $20. (It's a small mirror) Their price was $8.
You are given an additional discount depending on the date on the item. 
It was dated 2/10/15 so I was hoping for a big discount.

When I went to check out, she said,"That will be 86 cents."
What??? You have got to be kidding.
It was a whopping 90% off. You can't find that kind of deal at Goodwill.

I like it. 
It's very Shabby Chic with the etching around it. 

I love mirrors.  

According to Wikipedia, a mirror image is a reflected duplication of an object 
that appears identical but is reversed.

While working with different youth groups, I would have them pass around a mirror and 
have them look at themselves. 

It's funny how some teenager guys liked what they saw and some of the girls passed the mirror 
quickly to the next person. 

That's not what I see today or maybe these girls are asking for validation. I'm amazed at all the selfies I see on facebook even of grown women.  Oh PLEASE!

But that's another soapbox.

When the mirror was back to me,
I'd ask these questions:

What do you see?
What do you want to see?
And what is going to take to get there?

Answers varied as did each individual.

It's amazing what you discover when you have a group of youth 
who have grown together, cried together, prayed together, loved and lost together. 

There's assimilation and trust that makes the group real with each other and 
not afraid of attacks from one another. A bond that is not easily broken.

There was always someone who would break down and admit they had failed God.
Sometimes we knew, sometimes we didn't.
Just one moment of vunerability and the rest of the group opens up.

A shy, self-concious 14 year old girl admits that she feels ugly or fat or too skinny.

"My daddy gets drunk and I'm scared.  Can I come live with you?"

"I did something really bad that no one knows about and I can't share with anyone."

"I went out with the guys last night and got drunk."

"I don't care if anyone likes me or not."  (so NOT true.)

Some things were shared alone, 
"I'm having sex with my boyfriend."  (I already knew. I just did.)"
"I had an abortion."
"I'm looking at girlie magazines." (There was no internet then.)
"I'm cheating on my boyfriend."
"I'm leaving home.  No one knows.  I've got to get out of there." (An abusive home)

The part I liked best was the answer at the end of the last question.
What do you want to see or Who do you want to be?

I've sat with teenagers on pews at church,floors at youth prayer meetings, on bunks in dorms, and around campfires at retreats. They don't usually see what I see.  They don't usually see their God-given potential.  They rarely see their beauty.

The Me I See may not be the real me. 
The Me You See may not be the real you. 
The Real You that God sees is wonderfully and fearfully made. That I know full well.
I've read Psalm 139. Read it.  You'll see!

God, help me to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Forgive me when I judge what I don't understand.
May the reflection others see in me, be a reflection of You. 



  1. What a deal on that mirror! And what great words you shared because of it!

  2. How fun to find a cute mirror for 86 cents! What a find.

  3. 86 cents!! Whistling! Great find, Bonnie. Great analogy as well...thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day. Blessings

  4. Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful mirror and the price is unbelievable! Have a blessed day my friend, you are and have been a blessing to all of us! HUGS!

  5. WOW! on the mirror, and your blog is a very thoughtful one today.

  6. The mirror is beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  7. Gorgeous mirror and what a price. It is amazing how often our reflection of ourselves is so distorted...not the person others see at all. xo Diana

  8. Bonnie, I love your mirror but I love your heaet for Jesus more! Thanks for sharing. That is one of my most favorite scriputres! I have taught on that one several times! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Oh Bonnie...I could so relate to this post. My husband and I have worked with young people from primary age through the teen years. My heart has always been teen girls...always. Such a special group of people. Yes, may we all be the hands and feet of Jesus...sharing His love with those who feel unloved.

  10. Hi Bonnie, What a beautiful mirror you found at Good Will and what a great price. Love this post and the message you share and how you worked with young people. The reflection we see is often seen differently to others. We can be our own worst criticizer. Isn't it a joy to know, the Lord sees us just the way he made us and loves us just the way we are. Blessings to you for sharing such a powerful lesson.
    Happy 4th of July.
    Hugs, cm

  11. What a beautiful post Bonnie. Thank you for these reminders...we are all struggling, but we can get through anything with love. The mirror is quite the bargain; love it!!

  12. Nice find! You have a heart of gold, my friend. Thanks for hearing the teens, for loving them and being the hands of Jesus to them.
    Blessings to you, Bonnie!


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