Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Plans for the Fourth

My plans for the 4th?

I found the plates for 50 cents each at Bargain Hunt.
The cookie jar was orginally $9 and it was 50% off!

My Connor and Cora and mom and dad
will be in Chatty (Chattanooga).

My Harper and mom and dad 
will be with us. 
Holidays with my babies is all I ever wanted!

We'll probably be at the pool abit.
I'm hoping they are making homemade ice cream.
if you are listening! 

Maybe I'll make some cookies,

I paid only $2 for this at Tractor Supply.
Could not believe the decorative country stuff they had. 

There'll be candles burning.
I don't know about fireworks.
We'll make our own with all the fun, joy and laughter. 

I'm just ready to have 'em around the table. 

I tell you I feel such joy today.
My time with the Lord this week has been precious!
I wouldn't trade His Presence for anything!

Happy 4th!  



  1. What adorable jars! Sounds like you will be having a lovely July 4th! Enjoy!


  2. Happy 4th to you and family!

  3. Love your red, white and blue treasures. You got great bargains. There is nothing better to me than homemade peach or vanilla ice cream. Hope you guys have a terrific holiday together. xoxo

  4. You found some cute things! I think you definitely need to make cookies. Have fun!

  5. Same what you said about having your family and babies near and precious time spent with the Lord.
    We will see fireworks on Sunday with family and hundreds and hundreds of people at a patriotic concert. It's a tradition for us for more than 25 years. Looking forward to doing it all again :)
    Happy 4th to you!

  6. Bonnie, your 4th of July sounds wonderful! Loved seeing all of the different goodies you found for such great prices! I know you are enjoying being with your family again!

  7. So happy that you get to have so many of your people with you; JOY!!! Love your Red WHITE and Blue!!!

  8. Sounds like a blast! We enjoyed fireworks (our own) with all the grands last weekend at Adams...had a blast. Hope your 4th is amazing!


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