Monday, July 27, 2015

Remembering Again that God Takes Care of the Little Birds

My home now is completely different 
from our old home place. 

I'm trying to just feel like it's a clean slate
and not mourn what was.

I still keep bringing out the birds to remind me 
of God's care for me.

I was so heartbroken today to hear that 
a young wife and mother with a four year old little boy
has cancer.  It has metastasized to her lymph nodes 
and the doctors are trying to find out where it started.

I am so burdened for her.  She is the niece of my best friend
growing up.  I still believe in God's healing.

When my son-in-law had cancer, 
the Lord gave me a song, 

I am the God that healeth thee
I am the Lord your healer.
I send my Word and heal your disease, 
I am the Lord your healer.

The same day, 7 hours away, 
the Lord gave him the same song. 

Seven years later, he is cancer-free.

Please join me in praying for Emerald.
Emerald was born without a cornea in one eye.
She was an honor student and has done great in life
despite the challenges. 

No, this doesn't seem fair. 
I am hurting for her. 

Please join me in praying for Emerald.

With a heavy heart, 


  1. Life feels so unfair so many times, doesn't it Bonnie. My heart hurts for your friend and I will say prayers. Love the song, and love the healing touch of the Father.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Emerald. I will say a prayer for her, Bonnie. I love this verse, "Be Still" and I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

    Sending comfort and love,


  3. will be lifting precious emerald up in my prayers, love you my friend.

  4. Keeping your friend in prayer....Blessings sweet friend.

  5. Praying for Emerald! Sending a hug your way dear Bonnie!

  6. Cancer is such an evil disease. Will pray for Emerald.....yes, God takes care of us.

  7. When I walk on the treadmill, I use the time to pray. This morning while walking I asked God what He wanted from me today and I got - Be still and know that I am God. Then I come here, and see it again!
    Yes, I will pray for Emerald.

  8. Hope you get used to your new house! There are so many I pray many hurting...sometimes I say a blanket prayer for all of those who are suffering in one way or the other. Blessings to you, to the young mother and to Emerald as well.

  9. I'm so sorry your heart is heavy Bonnie...prayers to all

  10. Prayer for Emerald. Thanks for this post and for the verse of Scripture.

  11. Saying a prayer for Emerald too, Bonnie. It is hard to understand these things but we know our God has to plan to use everything for His glory.

  12. Said a prayer for Emerald, for her family and for you. Heavy stuff life give us sometimes :(

  13. I am the Lord your healer, such true words.


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