Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday HodgePodge

Okay, so this is my second post of the day.  Only because I love Linda and want to be like her:)))

1. On Saturday July 4th America celebrates her Independence. (If you're not American, feel free to answer in terms of a national holiday in your own country) What is your favorite thing about the day? Your favorite food on the 4th? Do you fly a flag at your house? Fireworks-yay or nay? Any special plans this year? 

I'll be having a fun day with my newest baby and mom and dad.  (see my post) When my children were growing up, Maxway (ever heard of it?) was across the 4-lane highway from our church.  All the families of the church would gather every 4th after dark to celebrate together.  Maxway always put on a spectacular show of fireworks!

2. What's something you recently got for free?

Of course, a FREE bottle of Nerium.  Actually 4 free bottles of Nerium and 2 free bottles of Nerium Body FIRM because Nerium Gives Back!  Love it!  Can I tell you I love my business???

3. The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, or Mount many on the list have you seen? I wish! They are all on my wish list! What is your favorite historical American monument, and why? I have no idea.  I'm just a country girl come to town as they say. 

4. When it comes to the news are you more ostrich (stick my head in the sand) or hog (they have room to take a whole lot in)? How much attention have you given the recent news reports regarding ISIS and the acts of terror they've perpetrated against those who do not share their beliefs or support their cause? 

I can be a stick you head in the sand kind of person.  I hate the news.  Don't watch it.  I must confess that when the news came about the Supreme Court's decision, I saw it first on Facebook.  I had to Google "What's happening today in the news?" to find out what this was all about.  Is that ignorant or what?  And to be honest, I have friends and family who are affected by this and I want to respond with grace and love as Jesus did.  I admit I sometimes don't. ISIS scares me.  I have to remember that "My Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.  I dare not trust this sweetest frame but wholey lean on Jesus' name. On Christ the Solid Rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand."

5. We're talking plain ice cream...vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Choose one. 

Chocolate, always!  But my mama's homemade Peach and Vanilla are what I remember about homemade.

6. Share a song you love containing the word 'stars' in the lyrics or title?

The Star Spangled Banner always brings tears to my eyes and chill bumps to the bone, but
God Bless the USA is my favorite.  I'm not sure it has "stars" in it or not. I pray He will continue to keep His Hand upon us.  We need to call out to him now as ever before.

7. Describe and/or say goodbye to June with an acrostic. 


( LOL) 
who knows what that means!

8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Just getting my feet wet in Nashville and having the time of my life with my children. Visiting churches and realizing that there are God's people everywhere.  Sunday morning I could barely find a parking lot in the church we attended.  In spite of what the devil means as harm, God is turning for good.  People are seeking God.  Some of my friends who are struggling with the choices they have made are wanting to change.  I am praying more than before.  God is good.  Satan is a liar and the Father of all lies.  

Oh yeah, let me show you a 10-day Nerium result.  This came from one of my best friends and is REAL, no photo shop here!

Only 10 days!
Can you imagine 30, 60 or 90 days?

Nerium is the Bomb!


  1. Hi Bonnie ~ I live with a man who is a New Buff...Fox News...We pray a lot after watching what is happing in our country. Our Pastor last Sunday gave a word of encouragement after the court decision. He quoted Scripture. As in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah so it will be in the last days.....Pastor said, the Second Coming must be around the corner...Yeah..We know the end of the story....We win.

    1. I might add...what a wonderful time to share the does break my heart that so many have swallowed the lie from Satan.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post ... So happy that your joys in life surround Jesus, your faith and your family. Have a happy 4th! Xo, ~julie

  3. Hello, I'm visiting from Joyful in His Presence. I enjoyed all your answers and can relate to a couple of them. I don't watch the news either, much too depressing. My hubby watches it all the time, he tells me anything he thinks I need to know! I know, that's the easy way out. I do have a concern for ISIS, but with that said, I have an Awesome God and the final victory will be His. Enjoyed visiting, hope you have great 4th of July week-end. God Bless America

  4. Enjoyed reading your answers to the HodgePodge questions. It helps me to get to know you better. :)

  5. The recent Supreme Court decision made me very depressed. (I'm a news hog). I have gay friends and I don't want to offend, but seems you can't disagree without being judged yourself!
    I would like to try the they have something for arms?

  6. I have found myself NOT watching the news lately! It is mostly bad and more and more shootings:( I want some homemade ice cream:) Vanilla or peach... my faves! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Congrats on your Nerium business and the fantastic results for this pretty lady. Wishing you and Harper's family a great Fourth! Be sure to take lots of photos to share. xo


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