Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taking It the the Patio

I'm still struggling to make the apartment our home
for as long as we are here. 

We are still believing for a house by next year.

I got rid of a lot before moving
but alot of my pretties are still in boxes 

I'm finding that more and more of you 
are downsizing and are facing the same issues. 

So I carried it outside.

I added the canvas art that we were given 
to us before leaving to keep "GA On My Mind."

I had the daughter of a friend make this for my red and gray room. 
Since we have only two bedrooms now which doesn't include red, 
I thought it may look good on the patio.
I'll add a small table or a crate and some potted plants.
What do you think?

This is our view. 
I'd sure rather have the rolling hills beyond us 
and a back yard, but the ride to the city is nice.

I have a silent prayer request for our "now" and beyond
that I can't share.  It's not life or death, but it 
is life altering.  So just say a prayer for my silent request. 

God sees, He hears, He understands and He is concerned.

On our blogs, it sometimes looks like someone else has the perfect life. 
None of us do.  
Blogging is sometimes a place of escape.
I have often found it to be a circle of friends who care for one another-
with prayer and encouragement.

Love and Prayers for You too!



  1. Keeping you in prayer sweet friend...I love your look and I really need you here to help me, LOL. I have always wanted to do a C for our front door. Have a lovely rest of the afternoon, been stormy here. Blessings

  2. I down sized several years ago, it was so difficult. It was for the best, and it was something I wanted to do, nonetheless, it was difficult. Hope all goes well for you and your in that new home soon. Your patio looks very nice, very inviting.

  3. Bonnie, I will pray for your prayer to be answered. :):) God is good. I have downsized moving here ten years ago...and need to do it again. LOL. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  4. I think your patio looks very nice.
    I'll be praying for your silent request.

  5. Bonnie you are still in my prayers ,I Give thanks for your husbands new job.
    God will see you in to all your needs. Those Baby's are so sweet.

  6. Prayers for your heart, my friend...
    And I adore your space there! : )
    Very wise and true words as well...
    Have a cozy evening.

  7. You bet, Sister...and your patio is cute :)

  8. Sweet friend, you are right about none of us having the perfect lives :) Your space is simply darling, Bonnie, and I love how you have made it your own. Life is beautiful and when you are surrouned by family and friends than it can't get much better. Love and hugs to you!

  9. I love the cute red and white letter on your outside door. You've fixed up your balcony area very nice. My son just moved to an apartment last month and doesn't have anything out on his balcony! Of course he's a young guy who probably doesn't care. His view is of a parking lot too. I agree that this blogging world is a nice escape and you are surrounded by friends that care about you. I will say a little prayer on your behalf.

  10. Oh Bonnie....I do relate... I've been accused of having the perfect life.....So far from it if people only knew the heartaches that plague every family behind closed doors. I learned early on in ministry I could choose to be happy or miserable..Life took us down some very dark and deep roads...but I alway knew...God is completely in control, even if the circumstance are beyond understanding. I've tried to make my blog a safe place, a happy place a place to just come and perhaps have a moment of happy. I feel your heart, and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, dear friend.l

  11. So true dear Bonnie, no life is perfect! We all have our struggles! I will be praying for your silent pray request! You are correct, God knows all about it and for that I am thankful! Enjoy your day! Love what you are doing to make your place feel just a little more like home! HUGS!

  12. I love the green chairs! I'll sit on one, you on the other....we will solve the problems of the world right there while we drink coffee!! Ahh, that would be a sweet time, my friend :)
    I'm praying concerning your request. God knows. He cares. I care, too! God be with you and give you peace.

  13. It is true Bonnie, not one of us has a perfect life, far from it! And, to be able to share with other bloggers, is a real blessing. You are in my prayers and yes, God knows and already has the answer prepared for you and your family! Blessings, Cindy

  14. It must be difficult to move and downsize and know you are in a temporary place all at the same time. Your new apartment looks like a fun adventure and I hope you find the peace you need. Prayers to you from my corner of the blog world.


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