Monday, July 6, 2015

A Simple and Sweet 4th

Not many words today. 
Just sharing my 4th with Photos. 

A simple meal on a simple setting

served on paper goods for easy clean up.

We all got lots of loving.
Our older wee ones were in Chattanooga with their other family.
We missed them.

Harper is a loving baby and lets us get lots of sugar.

We had to do the red, white and blue.
I had to make Mr. H change several times. 
He has blue shorts.  I gave up!

Happy baby girl with her Daddy

I hate to see women take selfies. 
This is my first one ever and only with my babies!

A tuckered out little girl after a long day.

This was my 4th,
simple and sweet.



  1. I love your Fourth!
    Seems much like ours. : )

  2. Harper is so cute!
    I now have a little stool I have to sit on in the garden.
    Life moves fast!

  3. Oh how sweet a day you had with all that good sugar! I love all the photos but the last one is my very favorite. You should frame it!

  4. Bonnie, So glad you had a sweet baby to cuddle...we did too. It made the holiday even more fun . Great selfies with your Harper. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Simple clean up so there is more hands on time with that angel baby....I totally understand that one. Hugs!

  6. Oh my gosh...what a cute little pumpkin!!! LOVE the pics of you, and your little babe. We should all take more selfies....maybe it would give us a closer look into each other's personalities. Great post Bonnie!!

  7. Such darling photos! So glad you guys had this time together. God is good!

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  9. BEAUTIFUL baby! We are expecting our third grandson in October and our very first granddaughter in November. Can't wait! (A secondary thought here is that I'm wondering if my son-the-woodworker would have a conniption fit if I painted my oak chairs--which are made identically to yours but solid oak color--white & oak like yours!!! Love your table setting.) LOVE your photos of you with that precious child. (This is my second try at commenting minus typos--I hope!)

  10. Looks like a perfect day! Remember when we were praying for a pregnancy? I love seeing that beautiful answer to prayer!

  11. Simple, sweet and with family you love, those are the BEST days! Happy Week! Blessings, Cindy

  12. It looks like you had a great holiday and that Harper is a doll! I think you look beautiful and at least when we take selfies we are 'prepared'!

    Jane x

  13. Oh Bonnie...with pictures like that....who needs words. She is just so adorable I want to hold and hug her. You look so cute too, I would like to hold and hug you too. You do have such a lovely family. Hugs and more Hugs.

  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Thanks for the smiles, you def. know to make a girl smile. Thanks Bonnie....Blessings

  15. Simple, SWEET and SPECIAL! Loved seeing your pictures:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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