Friday, June 26, 2015

What is THIS about?

I am happy but just without emotion.
Is that possible?
I'm not sure.
I have everything to be happy about
and I can't say that I'm sad.
I'm not depressed.
I am content, but
Just don't feel like talking.
Don't feel like blogging.
Don't feel like writing.
What is this about???
Am I in a funk?
Anybody else there?

I have three pending posts still out there.
I guess you could say I've been in Blogger's Block
for 6 months now.

I'm so sorry, my friends.
Please hang in there with me!

 Harper is 6 months old now and already loves books!
She's now trying to turn pages.
Nothing like the feel of the pages of a good book!

We kept these babies last night while Mommy and Daddy
went to a Brian Adams concert.
We played outside.  Connor was exhausted and went right to bed.
Cora is an easy baby and goes to bed with her thumb and blanket
without a whimper.  Last night she was having so much fun she still wanted to play.

They are all my heart.

The transition has been enough to send me reeling
but these babies have kept me balanced and sane.

Maybe the change has just left me blah,
but a happy, content kind of blah.

David has a job with benefits!  Yippee!
Benefits for me too!
Now, that stirs my emotions.

My Nerium Team gained 3 new Brand Partners!
My Brand Partner, Theresa added her first.

Laney added two!

I need a new Bible Study.
That will certainly get me out of my funk!
Any recommendations?

The kids say I need to go to Disneyworld with them!

I think I need a beach trip with them all!

Maybe next year all the little ones will be able to enjoy.



  1. I am sending you a big hug...hope it helps. There are times when I know I am happy but in a bit of a funk...that is why I try to count my blessings everyday. I can remember when my life was not happy. When many days had so much struggle to just make a life for my family. My life today is so much better than way back then. I some times just cry it out and then pray. Bless your sweet heart , xoxo,Susie

  2. I won't lie, I have missed you...but I fully understand, Bonnie. Now that I am done with my summer class, I can email more....Blessings sweet friend. (and HURRAY for your David!!!!! woohoo!!!!!)

  3. Been wondering how u are doing with the transition. Great to hear from you and happy but blah is oerfectly okay...for now.

  4. I think the stress of the change, mixed with the joy of family close by has you not knowing how to feel! Hugs!

  5. I think blogging just dries up sometimes. I don't post as often as I used to and I don't know why. Hang in there.

  6. I can identify with a funk :) I'm not in one right now but I've certainly have taken residence with one from time to time....
    I love that you are now so close to your sweet Grands. They do light up our lives.
    I wish you could get to the beach. That's one place where my soul finds rest. Every time! I just got back from 4 days of salt air and sand. you will just have to run off and head to the sand ;-)
    God bless you, my friend! I'm so happy you are posting again. You bless me. Every time!

  7. Sorry you are in one of those funks, Bonnie. It is really weird when you just feel like you are living in limbo. I am so glad that you have the kids to keep you grounded. xo Diana

  8. Sending you hugs! Moving is can take it out of you. Give yourself some time to adjust!

  9. It happens to all of us! I pray that your heart will be content in your new city surrounded with those you love! Sending prayers and hugs your way this morning!

  10. Yay for all of the good news and good things!!!! That is really great!!!! I wonder if rather than being blah as such you are just rather overwhelmed with all of the changes and good things. It takes a while for things to sink in, especially when you have been very worried as I know that you have been about your husband getting a job. So perhaps once you have had a rest and break and come to terms with it all and realised that all is OK again you will feel more yourself. I know that it takes a while for things to sink in for me and for me to come to terms with things. I hope that you will be feeling much better again soon, and in the meantime we will wait for you! Sending all good thoughts and hugs as always! xx

  11. Oh Bonnie, I am so excited to hear that your hubby has a job with benefits for both of you! God be praised!


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