Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three Little Pumpkins

Since I still have no voice, I am reading alot
and doing a few projects.

Thankful for my three little pumpkins,



Remember the window pane in the pile of junk?
I don't photograph very well, 
but the natural patina on this pane is incredible.

While pickin' on Saturday, I found this creamer
and the Scrabble tiles.  
No "K," but I think you can feel my heart here.

When we're sick and down for a while, 
we need something visible to remind us to speak Thanksgiving.

I'm posting my reasons everywhere!

It's not hard to count my blessings,
Pumpkins 1,2,3!

This little girl is my Pumpkin #3.

She dropped in to see us Sunday.
I pulled out her mommy's piano.
She was pulling up and singing and dancing.
Such joy!
Can you believe she will be 10 months on the 15th?

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
Little pumpkin #1 and I went to the park.

He has such a sweet heart. 
He said, "BonBon, what's wrong with your throat?"
I said, "Baby, just remember to pray for me tonight
when you say your prayers."
He didn't wait.  He prayed right there!
Mommy and Daddy have taught him well.

Pumpkin #2 is a straight mess.
Personality oozes out of her.
She's the little one who walks around the restaurants
having and speaking to everyone.
A charmer is she!

I bought her some Rapunzel heels yesterday.
Miss Priss she is!
Don't tell this girl you can't run in heels.

Don't forget to pray for Hutch.
He's going to MD Anderson in Texas in a few weeks.
He's got a long way to go,
but we are not without hope. 
Our youth at home raised $2000 with a Yard Sale/Bake Sale.
They surely do know how to love!

With a Grateful and Hope-filled Heart, 



  1. Precious little pumpkins, they are! I hope you are soon finding your voice and feeling back to normal, Bon Bon! :)

  2. Thank you for the smiles...beautiful post...praying you feel better sweet friend.

  3. Love your 3 little pumpkins....the orange ones and the grands! Prayers for you and Hutch.

  4. Those pumpkins sure are cute...hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Pumpkin love and those are the sweetest kiddos. Blessings Francine.

  6. Your little pumpkins are adorable! I love what you didi with that window pane.
    Thanks for the update on Hutch.

  7. Loving your three little pumpkins! They are just so cute. Also praying for Hutch. xo Diana

  8. Everything looks lovely, and I just love reading Nicholas Sparks and watching his movies. The kids are so adorable and will continue to pray for Hutch!


  9. Aww, your little ones are so cute!! Love what you did with the window. I do love your style.
    Praying that you will soon find your voice :). It has to be frustrating.

  10. How sweet your three little pumpkins are! I have 3 too and now I am going to think of them as pumpkins! I hope you get your voice back soon!


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