Friday, October 2, 2015

First Nashville Celebrity Meet

My first-Nasvhille celebrity-meet was
last night at The Gondola House.

No, I didn't see Lady A.
Just the mom!
It was country come to town,
better yet, 
rural redneck GA 
come to Music City, USA.

A beautiful lady sits in the booth next to me.

We're all crazy with the grandkids
having a big ole time.
The little one is pulling the pizza pan and the 
table cloth off the table, 
the middle one is running from table to table, 
the oldest one is entertaining Grandy
and Grandy is being a real goof ball.

When this gorgeous lady says to
my daughter in law. 
"Don't I know you?"

"Yes, I'm Christina.  How's Hillary?"

I'm like, whoooooa, just a minute.

I remembered that Christina graduated
from Donalson Christian Academy
with Hillary Scott,
THE Hilliary Scott
with Lady Antebellum.

So, I'm in this conversation

"Are you Linda Davis
and your daughter is ahhhh, ahhhhh,?"

sputter sputter, stutter, stutter.

Hand extended, "Yes Hillary, I am Linda, and you are?"

sputter, sputter, stutter, stutter

All the time, my son is kicking me under the table 
and whispering in my ear, 
"Shut up, Mama."

No sirree, I will not be silenced.

"I'm Bonnie Dave Haywood is my second cousin
His dad is my first cousinYou sang with my cousin 
in Augusta, GA at the church ladies retreatHer dad
and I are/were best friends growing upUhhhh he married 
my best friend."
(yes, just like breath.)

"Oh they are a great family," as gracious as she could be.

"Yes, we have a great family."
(What did I just say?)

"Did you say family?  Are you in the Haywood family?"
Linda Davis asks.

"Yes, first cousins."

"Oh, I thought you said you were best friends."

"No mam, I mean yes, mam, Dave's dad and I are first cousins."

All the time, my son is kicking me. 

Yes, I think I made a fool of myself 
and the family.
Sorry, family.

This is what you call country-come-to-town.

Yelp, Dave, the guitar guy?
That's my cousin!

He's a replicate of my brother at his age.  
You'd have to see it to believe it!

The family is pushing me out the door
when I discover my shoe string is untied.
I must have looked like a real idiot!

Oh, who cares!
I'm going to see Chris Tomlin Thursday night!

No, I will not deny that I am absolutely crazy
about it.
Who cares if I'm a fool for Jesus!
Yes, I will act like an idiot!
I will abandon all restraints to worship,
no not Chris Tomlin, but the one for Whom he sings.

Call me an idiot!



  1. :) I think that's pretty cool! You know kids are always embarrassed by their Mom's - it's our job!
    Have fun at the concert!

  2. Hmmm...HAHA...I don't think I've ever met anybody famous, but I'm sure, if I did, I'd be kicked under the table too!! Too much fun! Blessings, Cindy

  3. {{{{Big,. big smiles}}}}---my husband is related to Earl Thomas Conley (the country singer)...and I was the same way when I met him at their grandmothers funeral. Blessings

  4. LOL- TOOO much fun...but I WON'T call you an idiot!!!!! xo Diana

  5. I love you Bonnie, we are SO much alike:) I am always walking up to people I think I MIGHT know and saying "don't I know you"! HEHE Love this post! You go girl, be yourself! Being a little crazy is fun! HUGS!

  6. Wow!!!!! How great.Blessings Francine.

  7. Bonnie, I love this. I have been excited to see celebs too. But I am not related to any that I know about. Yes, I am a big fan of Jesus too. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. You make me laugh!! I'm not sure that I have ever met anyone famous....I know Lady Gaga shows up in this county sometimes. My DIL has seen her....I said I wouldn't know Lady if I ran into her. My DIL said I surely would....she is SO different from anyone else around here!!!
    You have a blessed day, Bonnie!

  9. Sounds as though you had a great time! xx


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