Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall and Football

The Mr. and I are going taking a little trip this weekend.
(at someone else's expense! yippee!)

I'm ready to smell a little Autumn
except that we're heading more South
as in South Carolina.

It's job training for David.
Who can argue FREE!

Would like to do a little of this too.
Well, then again, maybe not.
Maybe, better to watch the kids do the jumping. 

My kiddos went to the GA/TN game in Knoxville last weekend.

We are a divided household only when it comes to the game.
In our hearts, we're undivided.

Red and Orange jerseys were put out for Connor.
Yes, he chose Gray and ORANGE.

Christina said, "I saw a side of David I have never seen before."
She's never been to a GA game with him. 
Tough loss. 

Mr. H said, "I thought if I heard that Rocky-Top song one more time, 
I was gonna scream."

Actually, the little cheerleader and I stayed home 
and cheered for UGA!

(shhh.  I know she's wearing orange.  Don't tell mommy!)


  1. Roll Tide is what I cheer. I love Alabama. enjoy your trip

  2. Loved the photo's what fun !
    My son went to Tennessee and he lived football.

  3. Hope that you have a really great time away!!! xx

  4. I love hearing about your family and the joy you have in spending time together! Lucky you on a paid mini vacation. Have a great time!

  5. I'd love to go anyplace where fall was real. We just don't have color changes or fall type stuff here in Phoenix, at least, I think, today was the last 100 degree day for awhile. I HOPE!!! At least there is football - for that I Am Grateful!!! Have a great upcoming weekend! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  6. Have a safe trip...thanks for the giggles over GA/TN. Blessings

  7. Nice to get a free trip.....enjoy!!
    Must confess I'm not into football at all. I just enjoy the family while they enjoy the game :)
    Bless you, my friend.

  8. Well being GaTech fans we are always happy to see Georgia lose. However I am afraid they will beat us soundly in November. The Dawgs are mad after losing in the last minutes last year. I hope you have a wonderful weekend..the weather is supposed to be great.

  9. Well, we are a family divided:) Marc went to Ga Tech but lived in Tennessee before he moved down here! We usually pulls for Georgia unless it is the Ga/Ga Tech game:) BUT... he pulls for Tennessee too! It was a crazy day! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Well, we have the Longhorns, the Aggies, the Frogs and the Mustangs to name a few! Choose a color ~ LOL Your photos are wonderful!



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