Friday, March 25, 2016

Let's Just Lift Our Hands Toward Heaven

On my day off, I'm trying to catch up, 
with YOU!

I have missed so many posts since I started my REAL job!
Yes, keeping babies is a REAL job, if I didn't know before!

Today, every joint in my body is aching. 
My mom had Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
I try not to go there in my mind.
The mind is a powerful thing.

I'm just taking the day off to rest and read. 

We were given these when we signed the contract on the house.
I have taken all of the above this week!
(The panic pills?  Jelly Beans! Yes!
However, I do have my own stash of Panic pills.)

Been doing a little squeezing this week, too!

The walls are up.  Well, not the Sheetrock.
This is the view from the foyer into the great room
and into the kitchen.  It is very open with lots of natural light.

This is the view from the kitchen into the greatroom and master bedroom.

This is the master bedroom and bath.
Did I tell you I have a walk-in closet?

David is standing in the hall that leads to his office.
There will be a small bed in there or a sleeper sofa, maybe?
  The jury is still out on that one.
Do we need 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms and an office?
I need a clear, uncluttered dining room table! 

Little Harper is learning everyday. 
I am privileged to be one of her teachers. 
Her mama, the singer, the performer, loving the stage, 
is teaching her some of the show tunes, some of course 
being Disney with choreography.

This week, a TV commercial came on for the Nashville Rescue Mission.
They were playing, Because He Lives in the background.
Harpers lifts hands up high and starts swaying back and forth.

I said, "There you go baby, Praise the Lord."

My daughter and husband attend a very wonderful contemporary UMC.
As contemporary as they are, it still would be somewhat obvious 
for anyone in the congregation to be seen swaying back and forth with uplifted hands.

When I told the kids that my granddaughter had learned to Praise the Lord, 
my son in law responded, 
"Oh, my Lord!"

Yeah, He's mine too:)
giggle, giggle.

I tell you, my heart is full of praise and thanksgiving 
and sometimes it displays itself in various ways.

Maybe I should wear a sign that says, 
"Beware of Uplifted Hands."

Praise is one thing you don't have to teach a child.
It is born in them!


  1. How sweet to see little Harper praising Jesus and lifting her hands. Your house is coming together.

  2. Sweet visual of Harper praising.
    Sometimes I hear certain songs and I just can't keep from
    raising my hands in praise. I understand what you're saying.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes...right, and arms. I love this that Harper praises the Lord.:):) I think your new home will be a wonderful home. Blessings to you and your family for a happy Easter. xoxo,Susie

  4. Awesome house. Can't wait to see it finished. I love watching a house go up, I really should have been a General Contractor. When ours was being built, I had them super insulate the interior walls between bathrooms so they are very quiet. Easy to do when you have bare studs. For just a little extra cost, we also installed heavy duty wooden interior doors. It makes the house seem more expensive than it is.
    I'm so happy that Harper understands that to praise Jesus is always a good thing. It's a powerful witness to those who still do not believe.
    Hope your weekend is blessed! Happy Easter. Luv ~:)

  5. Afternoon, looking good, will be great. Sweet words out of the wee ones mouths.Happy Easter"Francine.

  6. It is fun to watch your new home being built! How very precious your little grandchild is!
    Easter Blessings.

  7. {{Big, big smiles}}}---I can not wait to see the finish product...and just gotta' love little Harper...Blessings sweet friend, Blessings

  8. Such a happy post, my friend!!!!
    Blessings for a wonderful Easter!

  9. How exciting for your new build!! How sweet that your little baby is learning praise from Grandma! I know what you mean about aching joints after watching little ones, and I only watch my grandchildren one day a week for about 4 hours!

  10. Such a sweet post, Bonnie! I'm glad you are enjoying taking care of your granddaughter! The house will be exciting! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  11. :) That made my night. Thanks for sharing!

  12. My hands are lifted and I'm praising the Lord. A lttle hard to sway and type...but I'm trying. How exciting to see your home coming along.

    How fun to watch the progress with you.

  13. Wow! You are one busy woman! It's going to be fun watching the progress on the house. Yes, you have to plant the seed in the little ones (the Jesus seed) and then water it and watch it grow. Happy Easter!

  14. Oh my word, I've missed so much while being ill. I'm so excited for you to be building your home! I know it's going to be beautiful, warm and welcoming. Precious little Harper! They are like little sponges and absorb everything...God's blessings!



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