Monday, March 7, 2016

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yes, I have been away. 

Let the Sunshine IN!

Since my last post...

Keeping a sick baby.
Nursing a sick husband with strep throat.

Sick to my stomach, figuratively and literally.

Last week...
Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood?
I'll let you decide.

Accidentally locked a crying baby inside the house
with a barking dog.

Was introduced to the Nashville Police Department 
and Fire Department.

Was questioned by the police as to why, I would lock a baby inside.

Crying and losing all control, I was yelled at by 
the fireman to get out of the way.
He was either going to break down the door or break a window.

If he had told me to calm down one more time, I believe I 
would have smacked him in the face.

Again, questioned by the police as to why the baby 
was on the inside.

Major meltdown.

The dogs in the neighborhood were going crazy.
That was my only salvation.
The phone was inside with the baby and the dog and the keys.

The neighbor who lives next door?  Who has the key?
She's either deaf or dead.
I literally BEAT on her door, rattling the clear stuff, Plexiglas, 
I'm sure or it would have cracked.

Oh yeah, who called 911?

The neighbor with the barking dogs.  
Not the neighbor with the key, obviously.

I honestly thought the police would have some kind of jimmy thing-a-ma-jig
to open locked doors.  NOT!
He was too busy wanting to prosecute me.

The fireman broke the window.  
I went to my baby's bedroom and rocked and cried and held my precious baby.
I hid.  I ran from the police and the fireman.

Who knows what the report stated???

"Situations presents itself.
We find a 55 year old female outside screaming
while a 15 month old baby girl is screaming on the inside.
She looks to be psychotic and may need to be restrained.
Our concern is making sure the baby is safe. 
Leaving the baby with the screaming woman is to be considered 
harmful for both child and dog whom she locked in the house
for reasons yet to be determined."

I am surrounding myself with things that make me smile.

"Gray skies are gonna clear up;
put on a happy face."

Good news..

We found our home.
Made an offer.
They accepted.

As the process is only beginning,
Pray specifically
for good doors to open
and wrong doors to close,
loan to go through,
a good inspection,
good relationship between all parties.

Thanks, in advance.
Sorry I have been away.
Catching up with you tonight.



  1. bless you dear, sorry this happened to you. praying for much better days ahead.

  2. I see a movie coming from all of this :>))) I can see you smacking a public safety officer. I can see me doing that in this situation. Good luck with the closing and make sure you get sets and sets of keys.

  3. Oh dear friend. This is a story to tell when somebody thinks they are having a bad day:). Happy it all turned out good, praying that all feel better and I will pray about your next move. Big hugs.

  4. Oh my goodness - this really beats being locked out of a house in one's nightie! I'd think that the police and firemen could have figured out how a door could slam behind a person and leave her locked out - it happens a lot! I hope you've recovered from the upset!

    1. Me too...I used a hammer to get in, remember? (smile)

  5. I know that was a horrible experience....but your gift of writing and the picture you painted had me laughing so hard, and they praying like crazy for you. Life is so much better than fiction, and you've just proved it. We kept a key under the flower pot or in a little box under the BBQ. It's saved the day several time.

  6. Oh my Bon Bon... You did have a week! I'd be crying and screaming too. I don't know why they made such a case of it - most of us have locked ourselves out of our homes at least once.
    Hope this week is better!

  7. What a day and I feel "they" should have handled it in a calmer way...happy that everything came to a good end. Hoping that all goes perfect with the process of buying your new home.

  8. Oh Bonnie, how my heart goes out to you! I am so sorry you had to go through this, but I praise the Lord that all is well. May this week be extra beautiful and special for you!


  9. Oh my goodness...your week/days is worse then mine sweet friend...never mind those firemen/policemen. Praying that all is well now and David is better as is the grandbaby.

    Keep us posed about the house. BLESSINGS

  10. Oh my! I can only imagine how I beside myself I would have been in that situation! I have a key hidden outside in case I did that. I hope that your husband and the little one are both feeling better and you can get some rest. Good news on your home. Praying for favor and for it to close quickly.

  11. Oh dear. My heart is sad of your situation.Glad the baby is okay and you now I had that happen to me. The door slammed my son was in the house in his crib. I was shocked being a first Mom. I thought what if 's. Back then the cribs were not as safe as today's. I got help from my hubby's Aunt. lady next door let me use the phone. Back then I was smart to remember his Aunts phone number. Now I am lucky I remember my own. Moving so much.It takes a while to remember a new number. My son was okay he fell asleep as I had just fed him and already had burped him. I went out to pick a few flowers to bring in and bang the door.

  12. Hope good news is on the horizon. Prayers, Blessings Francine.

  13. I am sure that you cannot be the first person that this has ever happened to and you will not be the last either! Glad that it all got sorted in the end! Hope you are all much better very soon if not already. xx

  14. Bonnie, I am sending big hugs to's not like you wanted to lock the door with the baby and dog inside...I do not know why the helping police and firemen would not be more understanding. I hope it all settled down and that today is much better. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  15. OR.DEAL!!! my baby Perrilyn got into my lavender oil and I almost had a meltdown too!!!

  16. How scary...sounds like a nightmare. Glad it all turned out fine! Hope all goes well for the new home!

  17. Gosh, how traumatic! I'll never call the cops for anything now. *shudder* If that ever happens to me I'll call a lock smith first. We live so far out in the country, with no neighbors, that I keep a spare key outside.
    On a happy note, I'm excited that y'all found a place. I pray it all goes well. Share the address when you get it please. Thanks!
    Hope your evening is blessed dear lady. ~:)

  18. Oh my! How horrible! And so sorry! [[hugs!]]
    So happy you found a house....I understand all that needs to happen yet to make it yours. May it be smooth sailing!!

  19. You poor dear! I don't know why they didn't call a locksmith! PLEASE find another person or place to keep a key.

  20. Oh my my my Bonnie! What a scary and traumatic situation you survived!! Just thankful everyone is okay!! Love the milk glass pretties! Praying for your housing needs in the weeks ahead! Sending hugs and blessings, Cindy xo

  21. You poor thing. So glad your story ended happily. i can understand why you were frantic.

  22. What a horrible way to be treated. People do lock themselves out of the house on occasion. Glad everything is back to normal now and hope you and your family are feeling better.

  23. Well, there's my DID find a house! YAY! You turned your harrowing experience into a wonderfully told blog post, although I know you would prefer to find other fodder for your posts! I cannot believe the police actually thought you did something wrong! I am so glad all is well and that you have least I hope you are feeling better about it by now. Your hobnail items are simply lovely. Hugs to you, my friend :)

  24. When it rains it certainly pours, and it sounds like that was the case for you. I am glad your little one is okay, and I hope you are all feeling better now. Congratulations on finding the right home for you, and I am glad they accepted your offer. I am sure this is the beginning of things looking up for you.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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