Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cotton, Canning Jars and Waving Flags

It has been a quiet weekend, 
one that I've needed badly.

I had intended to paint, clean, unpack. 
Instead, I've done very little. 

I did hang some pictures in my boy's room. 
I'm doing a nautical room.
My photos will not download. 
Again, computer issues.

This is as close to Americana as I could do this year. 
Picking cotton and canning is definitely an American pasttime.

Mr. H will be grilling ribs and smoking a Boston Butt tomorrow.
I just found out today that no one around here calls the pig a "Boston Butt."
It's just BBQ, brisket or pulled pork.

This is one of the homes we saw on our tour around Beaufort, SC.
I'll be sharing more in a few days. 

A waving American flag and the Star, Spangled Banner
always brings me tears and chill bumps.

Tomorrow we are chilling it with Mr. H grilling it. 

Since I tend to get all stressed about having everything perfect
and creating a big event which normally brings on panic and mania, 
we have told the kids to come when they want, bring what they want,
and we'll have what we want.  

I have children who are polar extremes. 
One wants everything prompt and right on time, everything organized 
and the other is a little/much/too laid back.

They drive each other crazy.  I have this horrible fear 
that these difference will one day divide them. 
I guess I am living my own reality with family.
That's the little bit of the stress that has come with living here. 

Tomorrow is a step in learning to relax. 

Thanking God for the freedoms we enjoy daily.


BTW, Tennessee loves fireworks. Our neighbors put on a big show!
It was nearly professional!


  1. As I sat here at my desk reading this I can hear all sorts of fireworks going on! And we are in the city where they are not allowed!!!
    I forget where you are, Bonnie, but in Texas it's BBQ, brisket or pulled pork!!! I LIKE the sound of Boston Butt, though!!!

  2. Sounds great! Nice to see your cotton plant!

  3. We call it Boston Butt, it must be a southern thing...because when we asked the butcher, he was totally confused, yep.

    Have a beautiful and Joyful July 4th, take a break, friend. smiles

  4. My children are similar - a couple always stressing out to get things done (one is very organized and the other not so much) and my third as laid back as they come! I guess I'd call it a Boston Butt too but I haven't bought it in ages so not sure what to ask for. We gave people in my neighborhood shooting off fireworks from 9 pm until 11. They began Saturday night and I expect it will be a noisy night tonight.

  5. I never heard it called Boston Butt either. :)
    My two girls are the same as your two - one has everything just so, the other drives her sister crazy with her "don't worry about it attitude". Our son has a little of both.
    If I had to guess, it's your daughter who is the
    organized one?

  6. Nope, not Boston Butt here! Pulled pork :)
    Love the jars!!
    None of my six are very organized (their mom struggled always, too) and no one gets to anything on time. So, it's a laid back and 'what's the rush' kind of existence....I'm usually fine with it.
    God bless you, my friend!


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