Monday, July 18, 2016

Family Comes to Town

My sister and family came to town. My niece is staying with me this week. We spent most of Saturday giving our little abode a good cleaning. 

Although certainly not a large house, it has more square footage than our home back home. You can feel it too when you start to clean. 

We are now watering weeds but have some grass, and a few flower bushes are actually budding. Who would figure that anything could grow in this heat wave! 

These two are enjoying each other. Little bit wouldn't have anything to do with me 

She fell in love with her big cousin. I enjoyed my sister even if it was for a brief moment. I look forward to a week with my niece.

Our buddy sang in church yesterday.

This little spunky chic keeps us on our toes.

Love them all so much!


  1. Glad you have been having lovely times. I hope you are feeling cheered. xx

  2. {{{Big big smiles}}} Thanks Bonnie for those smiles and I loveeeeeeeee your home.

  3. Oh what a fun week ahead:). Enjoy it all dear friend. Love your home! Hugs

  4. Bonnie, the outside of your house is so charming. Love the brick. It's been pretty warm here lately, but the landscapers keep the neighborhood looking nice. Have a fun time with your niece, Bonnie.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Such precious family, my friend. What fun to spend time with them :) Have a fabulous week! Hugs!

  6. Your home is so nice. Wonderful photos. You have a lovely family.
    Luv ~:)
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  7. Time with family is so sweet! Nice that the little one can enjoy time with a big one this week....very sweet picture of the two of them. Love your home....and I certainly can relate to increased size and time spent cleaning! Our kitchen In this house is way bigger than the last one. I realize that fact anew each time I wipe down the cabinets :)
    Have a beautiful Tuesday evening....I'm sitting on my porch, care to join me? ;-)

  8. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and still have more to enjoy this week. :)
    What a sweet little abode you have been blessed with, dear friend.

    Joy! Debbie

  9. They are so precious! Sounds like a great visit.


  10. I love hosting family, since it is motivation to clean, and then play!


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