Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Nautical Room

I haven't been able to download photos to the computer so I'm gonna post by phone again. I've been selling this and buying that for several weeks. It's come out fairly even.

I'm excited about the Nautical room. It actually houses my husband's desk so it's the bedroom/office.

I'm only showing you what I want you to see. Hee! Hee! You can't look under the bed, in the closet or on the desk. You can't peek under the covers.

I paid $5 for the picture of the framed anchors. It's a heavy piece. It had a few scratches so it was a mark-down, mark-down.

It was a good day with the kiddos. I fell down the garage steps and busted it looking for another doll for the girls. I thought I had cracked my tailbone but I'm just bruised from head to toe and that includes my ego. It literally and figuratively scared the pee out of me. Yelp! That would be me!

We finished the evening watching fireworks from our deck. After all these years, the Mister and I have something we enjoy doing together...sitting on the back porch.  Are we getting old or just
finally learning how to enjoy life?  Maybe both. I think they come together.

See ya soon!


  1. Ok, just so you know, I am moving in that room and setting up camp, LOLOLOL. As for the fall, ouch and I once did crack my tailbone and do you know, that never heals 100%. I fell down icy steps when Liam was a baby. ANYWAYS--digressing, Loved the post, Bonnie...have a Joyful day friend.

  2. Oh friend, your room is adorable! I agree with Linda and would love to move into it :)

    I am glad you are okay after your fall....my, what a scare! Love and hugs to you!

  3. Hi Bonnie...your nautical theme décor is awesome...I love it! OUCH...sorry about that fall you took! A bump to the tail bone can hurt for weeks...ice, ice, ice! I have missed your facebook postings and was hoping to see a blog post...and I did! I'm glad you and David are enjoying your back deck :)

  4. Getting older and learning to enjoy life are not necessarily bad things.We didn't watch the fireworks this year...getting old too???

  5. Omigosh! Falling down stairs is mighty scary. So glad that you did not break anything; bruises are bad enough. I think you are right about the getting older and learning to enjoy life more.

  6. I love your nautical room! We have a nautical family room in our basement. My husband has always loved anything nautical.
    Yikes girl - glad you didn't break anything. I did something similar a few years back and ended up having arthroscopic surgery and using crutches because I tore a ligament.

  7. So sorry about your fall! I hope you are ok....but I confess to laughing right aloud due to your description!! You are funny even in calamity:)
    I love your room! What a sense of accomplishment for you.
    I've been away so I have lots of catching up to do....off to another post!

  8. What an adorable room! I love nautical themes. My newest granddaughter's room is done in nautical (coral and mint green). Enjoyed the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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