Thursday, August 29, 2013

LOST IN BLOGVILLE and Finds in Neverland

I seem to have lost touch 
with so many of my blogging buddies. 

I know that I use blogging 
as a way of expression 
and sometimes fail to comment
on others as I should.

I scrolled down my reading list 
and found that many of my friends 
are no longer
reading, writing, or redoing-
pickin', huntin' or junkin'.

I feel lost in blogland. 

Friends come and go
in the real world.
I guess that's no different 
in blogville.

We are just too busy.
What I need the most, 
I find I lack the most-
real community.

Sometimes we need to go 
where everybody knows our name, 
but sometimes we just want 
to go where nobody knows our name. 

I went to the nobody-knows-my-name place
and found these...

Okay, so this was AFTER 
Southern Honey Workshop
"Chawk" paint.

Sorry there is no BEFORE.

The back was out.
Against a wall 
and for $9, 
who cares!

Distressed it just enough for me!

This is a lovely little piece
with great bones, 
better than above,
it was finished with another paint.
Can't you tell the difference?

The white stool was another find
at the place
"Where Nobody Knows my Name."

Frames are a big seller in my corner.

It took an hour to get
to the place of the unknown.

I went alone.

It was raining and flooding.
We had 8 inches that night!

I made three wrong turns.
(Some roads do not exist 
in the GPS world.)

The auction barn was in a

Oh, what a night!

I'm glad there's ONE
who is always with me, 
who calls me by name.

With HIM, 
I am never alone
even when I am lost!

Thinking of YOU,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

HOME: Where the Heart Is

I am coming home.

I resigned my job at the bank
in a neighboring county
and I am coming home. 

There's nothing quite like home.
Home is not just a location.
As they say, 
"Home is where the heart is."

My heart is in many places 
so I find "home" to be 
more than one place. 

It's where I am 
when  I'm with my children
and my big boy, 
Nashville, TN.

It's where I am 
when I'm spending time with the man
whom I've loved 
for more than 35 years.

It's the quiet moments of 
the early morning 
when I'm alone with my Maker,
whether I'm sitting on the sofa 
in my living room 
or the sands 
of the seashore 
basking in HIS wondrous creation.

It's where I am when I'm 
giving and sharing with 
a group of young people 
who are REAL,
who truly desire to know 
that God is REAL
and that 
Someone loves them.

It is with this group that I am free to be 
known and loved anyway.

It's where I am when I'm creating
because God created
and continues to create beauty from ashes.

He constantly reminds me to 
come HOME.

He reminds that my frame was not hidden from 
Him when I was made in the secret place. 

where the light is always on
and the door is always open.

my heart feels at home, 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Finding Community in a Painting Class

I'm still trying to figure out 
what I want to be when I grow up.

Can I get an amen, sisters?

In this world of blog land, 
it seems like we 50+ Ladies 
are dappling in a bit of this and that.

I've started helping my husband 
with a special group
of college and career youth.

I think we can relate
because they are kinda in limbo transition
and so am I-
in-between the in-between, 
if you know what I mean.

These girls are teaching me a little bit 
about a lot of things:)

To the left is a newly college freshmen,
to the right, a soon-to-be graduate student,
and the middle is a second year teacher.

The sweet girls on the left and right are sophomores
and the middle is in her practicum, 
looking for a part-time job, 
and getting ready for graduate school.

A few nights ago,
the guys played corn hole, 
while the girls painted.

This sweet girl leaves tomorrow.
She did this for me.

I told her I'd pray for her
every time I looked at it.

She told me to finish it. 

I was afraid that I'd mess it up.
But I tried anyway.

During our Wednesday night Bible study,
we've been talking about some pretty 
heavy stuff.  

questions, doubts, fears, 
frustrations with "religion."
We all agreed that
And that it's not about "religion."
It's about a Relationship (God) and relationships (each other).

Jesus said the two greatest commandments were
1.  Love the Lord God with your entire being
2.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

We talked in length about the complexity 
and yet simplicity of God-
Father, Son and Spirit
Three in One
and loving Him with all we have.

If we truly know His LOVE
then we are free to love others. 

The saying around the circle is, 
"One of the greatest needs of man is to be known and loved the same."

I said this, I read this and didn't know the impact that it would have on these students.
I was blown away when one of my girls messaged me a photo
of a painting in which she had included this saying.

We all have a need for unconditional love,
not love based on performance or
how "good" we are
or what others expect of us.
We want to be known, truly known, 
the REAL THING kinda known, 
and loved anyway.

She said, 
"Make it pretty,"
and I tried.

Added the year our home was established...

Distressed it a bit...

 and it was all ready for display.


Pray that God will grow this group 
in transition.
They are helping me as much as I desire to help them.

Prayers for those who go
and for those who stay
and for others who will join us.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Southern Honey Workshop Chalkpaint

Fall is in the air.

The temp here is in the upper 60's.

I DO LOVE, Love, love it!

My favorite time of year.

Know why?

I just don't do HOT!
it's a great time for pickin'.

College students are looking to 
furnish apartments.
And parents are headed 
to the bargain barn.

Just dropped by the Flea Market today
and my shelves were almost empty.

I got busy tonight with 
a little 
Southern Honey Workshop
Chalk paint

and a bottle of brushes.

My daughter who lives in Nashville
got me a can of "Nanny."

I just love the name and the color!
It goes on incredibly smooth.

Sorry, Annie Sloan, 
but you ain't got nothing on Southern Honey!



I know, I know.
You red-lovers liked it better before.

But you know me, 
white is my passion.

I'm selling these for my daughter.

I mixed and got all shades of white.

This is the new stack.

I like this one...

and this one...

and this one...

well, SHOOT, 
I Love them all!

Taking these to the booth on Saturday morning.
(I left a few red
for those of you who don't do white.)

The rest of the day will be spent 
with a can of
Southern Honey Workshop
chalk paint,
paintbrushes, and a few small pieces 
of furniture to fill my booth.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Getaway and a House Full of Antiques

Our Mountain Weekend Getaway
was more than I ever imagined
it could be.

The road was long and winding.
Of course, I got car sick.
I was hoping we'd make it through, 
"Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise."

Well, the creek did rise!

And I thought we were lost several times.

But we made it, and
the view from the top was spectacular.

Rocking chairs on the back porch 

and the cool morning and afternoon rains,
made for an inviting place to retreat, relax, and refresh.

The cabin was full of antiques and vintage items.
What I would love to do with this glider.
It's just rusting away, maybe the owner will sell.
You think?

Stained glass windows like this one
hung on the front and back porches.

Every room was full of antiques
and every room had mirrors.
You know my love for old mirrors 
and the natural peel.

The upstairs bathroom was unfinished, 
The laboratory was the exception.

Five and Tens still exist
in some remote places
of the world.

Mr. H said, 
"I'm taking us to a hole in the wall for breakfast."
I didn't know he meant 
"Hole in the Wall."
It was YUMMY!
And the food wasn't too bad either.

Vintage fishing gear

And old fashioned light fixtures
adorned the wall.

Antiques are wonderful, 
but these beauties
 CAPTURE my heart 
and take my breath away

And this one MELTS my heart with just a smile!

Oh, what I'd do for a whole week of this!

Hope you'll get your getaway soon!
Everyone deserves it!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Distressed Mirror and Distressed Mirror-Turned-Chalkbaord

I love mirrors.

They are my most popular sale.
I actually sold three this month.

I added two this week.
Both distressed and one chalkboard painted.

Looking forward to a great week!

Hope you are too.