Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Believing God for Hutch

I believe in the power of prayer. 
I believe that Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday
and as He will be tomorrow.
I don't understand the whys and I don't understand
the whens, when it doesn't happen like we prayer.

But I still believe.

My favorite Beth Moore book of all time,
"Believing God"
made a huge impact on my life. 

It taught me to go "boldy to the throne of God."
"God sees, He hears, He understands and He will come," 
was spoken to me at my point of unbelief.

Today I am believing God for a young man, 
Justin Hutching, 
better known as "Hutch."

Hutch is the guy on the right.

A week ago, he and his sweet family were told that he 
had colon cancer. 
They were shocked, afraid, but holding on to faith.

Hutch is a best friend to some of our youth.

These kids are praying and believing for a miracle.

His step mom and I are close friends and prayer partners.
We are all believing for a miracle. 

I was looking through my photos and I found this, 
Hutch is the blond with the blue shirt.

Oh, how I miss this group.

Praying for a family, a mom, a dad, a step mom and step dad, 
brothers, and so many, many friends  and most of all
a young man who needs 
to see God do a miracle.

You will laugh again, Hutch.

Some words that I speak from Beth Moore,

God is WHO HE says HE is.
God CAN Do what HE says HE can do.
I am who God says I am.
I can do all things through CHRIST WHO gives me strength.
God's Word is active and alive in me.

Hope you, my blogging friends and anyone 
who sees this post will believe with me.

With a prayerful, humble and believing heart,



  1. Very familiar with colon cancer..my dad and my brother....But you are right.... God is bigger than cancer, and I do believe in prayer and miracles. I will add Hutch to my prayer journal, Bonnie. Sending love and hugs.

  2. My hubby had 13 inches of his colon removed. If the cancer is contained and not spread outside the colon it is easier to be cured. Hutch is in my prayers.

  3. My mom was a survivor of colon cancer that diagnosed when she was 79. She went on to live to almost 98 and there was never a reccurrence. He is young and that is definitely in his favor. Praying for complete healing of this young man. God is W-A-Y bigger than colon cancer, for sure!

  4. I will certainly be praying for him!

  5. PS - that picture of Harper is adorable and makes me smile every time I come here!

  6. I believe and will pray for Hutch! God please be with this family! I know it is scary but trusting God for healing and peace! HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way!

  7. Believing God for Hutch's Miracle! God Can, God Does, God Will!!! Believing!!!

  8. I will be praying along with you, God is able.
    My father in law has survived colon cancer twice and still lives a great life now at the age of 89.
    The Lord bless you~ Debbie

  9. I will be sure to pray and believe with you for your friend Hutch. Many blessings to you.


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