Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting Out the Joy Jar

I'm taking a few days away 
to spend with my Nerium family
and get some training and hopefully
get back on track. 

As most of you know, 
I'm on a lot of medications and
I do believe that it makes a difference in my skin.

For that, I'm lacking confidence in myself
to represent an anti-aging product 
when obviously I have some issues. 

One of my best friends gets these results.

I get these. 
Still lines.  Stiff puffy eyes.

It's not Nerium.
I know.  It works. 
I've seen the results on my customers 
and brand partners.
It's just that I know what medication can do.

I'm dealing with issues that fall under 
"Depression: The Upside of Down" blog.

I've been "denied" life insurance and medical insurance
"because of the medical notes from Dr.---------", 
the doctor who prescribes my meds for Bipolar Disorder.

I was absolutely beside myself when I received the letter. 
I called his office and tried to get my medical notes
and his secretary said that he would be glad to send 
them to a referring physician but not to the patient.

Can he do that?
Can I be denied my medical records?

I've got to get a lawyer. 
This is my life.

This happened a few weeks ago.
I guess I'm upset today more because 
I didn't get the job that I interviewed for.
I am more disappointed than I thought I would be. 

Sorry, I'm being a Debbie Downer. 
I need to get the JOY jar out. 

These little ones could fill a bucket of JOY.

Harper's day care was closed this week
so I kept her Wednesday-Friday.

I had my camera in my pocket.

In the past three weeks, she's started 
doing all kinds of things.

Today she put a bracelet on her ankle.  

She's getting more hair.
This is the first clip bow that she's worn.
I had fun.  
I played baby dolls.
She had on three different outfits today.
(But not because we were playing dress-up.  She's teething.
Does that tell you anything?)

I didn't see the older kiddos very much this week.
But we did meet up at ChicFila for lunch on Tuesday.

This baby doll naps and sleeps so well.
Put her in her bed, give her a blankie,
in goes the thumb and she's out. 

I could fill my JOY jar with these 
and that would be enough. 

Sorry for the self-pity party.
You didn't ask for an invitation, huh?


  1. Beautiful children. It's okay to be upset, we are friends and we all have problems that we go through. I thought that with the new Obama care that you cannot be denied Health "Insurance. I think you are right about your medical records. Mine gives me a copy of every test that is made and I keep my own file.
    Check out Google and ask the question and see what their answer is. You are not alone, all of us on medication have different side effects. Dig your heels in and demand that you get your medical records. Maybe there is a different medication that will not affect you.
    Good luck and when you get down thin of those beautiful children who love you very much.
    Have a great weekend.\

  2. I think that's so unreasonable that you cannot have your own medical records. So sorry you are dealing with so many health issues and depression. I hope soon you will get some relief. We all have to dip in the Joy Jar. I'm glad we have a source of JOY that doesn't run out. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

  3. PS those are the most adorable little bundles of Joy...darling children!!

  4. will be praying for God to fill your joy jar to overflowing, love you.

  5. I'm sorry Bonnie! I can't understand why you wouldn't be able to see your own record - I really don't think they can deny you. As for being denied insurance because of bipolar - that doesn't make sense either...
    Those babies are adorable! Praying for joy for you.

  6. Oh dear, we all have days like that! My Husband is going "round and round" with the insurance right now! He actually yelled at the person thru the phone and he NEVER yells! Hang in there Bonnie and keep that JOY jar close by! Those are some mighty cute little ones! Have a blessed and carefree day! HUGS!

  7. Bonnie, I used to sit in my drs' office and read my medical record while waiting for her to show up. LOL. That's how I stayed on top of any test they ordered at the hospital. but then that's just life visits , not any depression stuff. So I do not know how that works. I think they could print off a copy of your records and charge you for that...cause honey you know they have to charge...they can refuse to give you the records but not copies...well I think that's right.
    You are right about meds. they change many things in our lives...such as our weight, our hair, digestion. I think you may see more results from your nerium after a longer use..maybe. Your friend's results look good , especially the neck area. My daughter and I went to one of those parties, the hostess looked great but she was just 40 and I think that helps.
    Get you some hugging and kissing from all those sweetie pies. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. I do believe, you need to appeal the decision...under the new insurance guidelines, no one is denied. As for your medical records--they can not deny you that either, my husbands doctor charges $20 to get the records, I rather pay that and not have them in my files. Gurl, if I was there, I would do it for you, I mean--be the bully, smiles.

    BTW, your still beautiful and always will be. Blessings

  9. I could be wrong but I do not think you can be denied your medical records. I have the thick file of my mother's that we brought down from NY. Also, my brother had been hospitalized as a child for behavioral issues. At that time, he they put all problem kids - - whether behavioral or neurological - - in the state "Mental" hospital. He got all his records as an adult. There has to be a place you can even call for free to find that out. Insurance is a major headache and that in itself is enough to depress a person. However you are always free to be transparent. Often you will get the answers you need when you are.
    And the grands - - - - nothing so wonderful on this earth as them!!!
    P.S. Make a list of goals (get records, get insurance, etc). Figure out the little steps needed to get there. Then when you are able to "cross off" a little step here and there, you will feel empowered a bit and like you are regaining what is rightfully yours. It will lift your spirits, too. Life can be overwhelming but it's still better here than in a third world country!

  10. Sorry you are having to go through this, Bonnie...dealing with medical records and insurance can be such a pain. Hope it works out for you soon. Your grandbabies are precious...xo

  11. Ugh....nothing like health insurance to get me riled up! I do not think you can be anything. That Dr does not know his stuff. I pray you find a way through this and that it happens QUICK!!
    Oh your babies....such joy!! God Bless you, my friend!

  12. I'm pretty sure that you are entitled to have a copy of your medical notes!!! Ask again and say "Do I need to get a Lawyer" for MY notes!! Cute grands!
    Have you drawn a name for the skin care giveaway???

  13. are entitled to your medical files. They may ask for a coping fee, but they must give them to you when requested. Hope things look brighter soon. Hugs!

  14. Oh :-( you have plenty to be down about........sorry. I do hope you get your medical files....I just read the above comment....go after what you are entitled to! Your grands are too cute:-) they do help, if only temporarily.

  15. Sweet Bonnie, you are indeed entitled to your medical records....they are YOURS after all. I hope you are able to attain them without any issues. You are a precious woman, my friend. Thinking of you and sending hugs your way!

  16. Dear Bonnie, I just read this post and I hope you are feeling better! Some things are just too hard to explain, and we all just have to take one day at a time, it is just when that one day comes we can hardly believe how bad or mad we may feel!
    I will pray for you tonight!
    Hugs, Roxy

  17. As a medical office administrator, I assure you that you are entitled to all of your medical records free of charge once per year. If they will not give you your records, you have every right to obtain an attorney and have them request them at no charge!! That is the Law!! I hope you pursue this! Praying your are feeling better tonight! Blessings, Cindy


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