Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wonders of His Love

Call me sentimental today. 

I just read a post by Theresa, 

Something as simple as celebrating
a brother and remembering a dad, 
can bring me to tears. 

Somtimes it good to remember...
and smile...or cry...

I remember a Christmas before my little ones came along with
memories of my brother and sister's children
and cousins getting together and enjoying each other. 

Fall always brings nostalgia
and with it such wonders of God's love.

a pumpkin patch with a little boy

a corn maze with family

carving pumpkins with friends

football games 

a campfire and roasting marshmellows

wrapping up with mama's old quilts
on chilly mornings and nights

reading from Mama's old Bible

a cup of coffee and quiet time

a marked Bible with all the times God spoke
to me through His precious Word

All of the above, are wonders of His Love.

Today, I'm reminded of His blessings 
and I am grateful.

Smiles and Tears, 


  1. Oh yes! Memories are precious:). My Bible was my Daddy's and every time I find a verse that he had marked, it makes me smile. Sending HUGS your way my friend.

  2. Let the World think happiness is in the size of a bank account ~~you have proven again where our treasure really lies. In those pictures, in a worn out marked up Bible, the smell of marshmellows roasting, cousins, pumpkins hugs and smiles and tears....and coffee....these are the priceless items that make up our lives Bonnie. Thanks again for a beautiful reminder. Love you tons, sending hugs.

  3. precious, precious memories. I love your heart.

  4. Such wonderful memories! You're right about the smiles and tears, they go together sometimes.

  5. What would we do without them? Love this tender post, Bonnie. Happy Monday!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your happy thoughts and memories. xx

  7. Oh, I know what you mean about nostalgia when thinking back at special times, Bonnie. And Fall is truly a magical season. I loved these pictures of the pumpkins and the quilt and the yellow cup and the corn maze. What fun times, indeed. :~)

    love, ~Sheri


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