Thursday, August 20, 2015

Snippets of Positive Among the Negative

My car is in the shop.
I thought it was the alternator.
It was only a sensor to something, 
electronic something or n'other.
A few hundred isn't easy, but compare it to thousands, 
I can live with that.

I found these Southern Living glasses at Goodwill
for 50cents each.

The Southern Living planter was 50 cents also
and it goes with the larger one that I already had.

I got a nasty negative on Facebook about Nerium 
from a "friend" for the world to see.
The positive is, she only made herself look bad.
I'll stick to friends in Blogland.

A perfect magazine holder
for $3.99.

I had an awful something on my eyelid.
Ugly and painful and growing.
Removing it, hurt like you-know-what.
The positive, it was only a benign cyst.

It's swolen and red now.
The positive, I can't wear make up
and the car's in the shop anyway so,
no need to bother. 

A beautiful planter, perfect for Fall,

A blue creamer, 50 cents,
perfect for anytime.

Mr. H is unhappy with his new job, 
didn't have sales this month, didn't make commission.
The positive is, we have a steady income
because he was given a salary regardless of sales.

It's been a blazing hot, but humid summer.
After the rain, I can enjoy the patio for the first time
since we moved.

So, I literally and figuratively placed the positive among the negative.

Trying to turn my negatives into positives.
It's a daily job!



  1. You are doing a GREAT job showing the positive side of it all. I LOVE Goodwill - - and also ReStore - - - the resale store for Habitat. That is where I have bought chairs for my outdoor porches - - usually about $8 each but solid wood. I have repainted them. Only have one left to finish painting. So glad your eye is better. It is scary to have any kind of lump but especially near our precious sight!

  2. You got some great things at Goodwill...I got the exact same two metal scrolly planters...on two seperate trips, just like you did! Isn't that something? Sorry about the facebook you said, you gotta take the negative with the positive...and it sounds like you are doing a great job!

  3. it sure is. but it certainly is okay to be unhappy about something but only if you stay in the less then happy mode for a bit and then move on.

  4. Positives, that is what we look for each day. Just the blessings of living in a country not under attack like many countries in the middle east are (by Islamic suicide bombers) is a big blessing.

  5. Good for you! It reminds me of the saying - There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. You've proven it.
    I love your finds. You got some great deals. As for your "friend", I don't understand why people have to put out negative stuff like that. Just keep quiet and scroll on!

  6. What great little finds, it's fun that with very little money we can find great items to add character and fun to our homes. Sorry about the negative stuff, but that does give us all opportunities to grow in grace and gratitude! You are doing well! Blessings, Cindy

  7. It is always nice to find the good when things get frustrating. I love your finds from goodwill. I hope things work out for you and your husband. Thanks for reminding me to stay positive.

  8. There is a children's book by Remy Sharlip titled Fortunately, Unfortunately. I wrote a blog post about it last year when I had a Fortunately, Unfortunately week.

    At my son's wedding rehearsal dinner, I used the quote, "the difference between an ordeal or an adventure is your attitude".

    You sure seem to have a positive attitude.

  9. And you know my favorite saying, "Got lemons? Make lemonaide."---tell David to stick with it, in this day and age be lucky he has a job as jobs are hard to come by. The economy sucks right now....just saying and not being a negative Nancy.

    I love all the neat things you found, and boo hoo on that person for saying a negative thing...keeping you in prayer sweet friend.

  10. Golly GEE girl, you make me wanna head straight out to Goodwill:) GREAT finds and prices! Negative comments are just that... negative:( I go by the old saying "if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all"! Have a blessed day dear friend, hope the Hubby has a better month next month! HUGS!

  11. You really found some deals, and I love everything you found. The exercise of turning the bad into good is hard work...but very are doing a good job of it. Sending hugs, girlfriend.

  12. Bonnie, you got some great bargains and some pretty stuff. I stopped by Goodwill and they had nothing but junk. Nothing positive at all..Happy Weekend..Judy


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