Thursday, August 11, 2016


Since my Thursday work day is done, 
can I go ahead and SCREAM

Could you hear me?

I'm so tired, I'm on the verge of tears. 

I knew it would happen. 
I really did.
It's just the way my mind and body goes. 
Yes, it goes, my mind, that is!

The past few months have been so busy.
I've hardly had time to really enjoy my home.
Can I just stop here and sob?

Can you hear me now?

Well, I should have started with the wonderful weekend I had
instead of all the negativity.

Did I say I'm sorry?

David took his mom home on Friday morning 
and one of my best friends and her DIL from home
came to spend the weekend bearing tickets 

I was screaming!
I mean I could have walked a row over and touched her!

Can you hear me now?

My BFF has had a recent knee replacement 
and I must be in need of one.

The first evening we had nose bleed seats.
Getting up there was bad enough.
Coming down was agony. 
We were holding hands and trying to keep our knees together
at the same time.  Get my drift???

It was like old times!
(Now I'm smiling.)

On day two, we got there early and still the line was out the wazoo!

Good thing about being near the end of the line, 
the band was making it's way back stage!
This is the drummer. 
Security was asking him to move.

We saw the back of Travis Cottrell.

There is nothing like worshipping our Lord and Savior 
with over 10,000 other women.

Biggest surprise ever!

Nicole C. Mullin was there and sang one of my favorites, 
My Redeemer Lives!


Knowing my physical state of near exhaustion, 
my kids asked me if I was okay. 

I really was. I was so transported to heavenly places, 
I didn't even notice the fatigue.

Now...well...let's just say, TGIF!

Truly, God is good and greatly to be praised!
I have walked in His presence this week.
I should be ashamed to even express my exasperations. 

I look forward to reviewing my notes 
and digger deeper.  

I'm thankful for a friend who knows me
and loves me anyway!
Thank you, Jesus!


  1. Now it's time to rest in HIM, my friend...literally REST! :)

  2. {{{Big, Big Smiles}}}} I agree with the above comment, rest. (and sometimes, one just has to say No)

  3. I'm so glad you had such a spiritual refreshing weekend. Now you can rest! Have a blessed, restfull weekend.

  4. we all get tired and empty sometimes I'm glad you were able to be refreshed on the weekend with you friend!!!

  5. Isn't Beth Moore the most inspirational person around? I've never heard her in person but have done about all of her Bible studies. I just love the way I feel after I've heard her speak.

    Friends are so special - especially sisters in the Lord. Hope you get some rest!


  6. Oh, girl, I got chills reading this! So happy you got this chance to go. Love hearing Beth Moore teach.

  7. Oh, girl, I got chills reading this! So happy you got this chance to go. Love hearing Beth Moore teach.


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